How Being Clean Can Save You Money At Uni

By now, we all know that being a student can be tough. Especially financially! So what about if I told you a few ways you could earn money/save money just by shoving the hoover round once a fortnight?

Firstly is your accommodation deposit. This can be anything from £100 – £300 depending on where you’re staying. This is money that you want back right? Some accommodations can be really strict with this. From scratches on your desk to food stains on the ceiling, your accommodation can keep your money unless you leave the flat spotless. You may be a naturally tidy person or you may choose a conduct a full scale cleaning operation before you leave but when the inspectors arrive, the flat must be clean for you to get your money!

Room Tours are another way to earn some quick money whilst at uni. Whilst this option isn’t for everyone, inspections can earn you up to £100+. All you need to do is keep your room presentable and get up at 9am 4 times in the whole year. However, not all accommodations offer this so be sure to ask at reception.

Here are some of the products that I used this year to keep my room looking spotless for inspections;

41L0SdrR8wL._SY300_Vileda DustPan and Brush

We all know how useful a dustpan and brush can be. We’ve used them since primary school, brushing up the glitter we found funny to throw at each other during arts and crafts. What I’ve found about this one though is that the handle is super easy to grip. The rubber on the pan also goes straight to the floor so you can sweep up the rubbish in one go. The pan and brush also slot together for easy storage. As far as dustpan and brushes go, this one makes being clean super easy.


BISSELL FeatherWeight Vacuum

It is what it says. A vacuum that is so incredibly light you could hold it with one finger. Well, maybe two. With the same power as a normal vacuum but half the size and a fraction of the weight, Bissell have certainly worked hard on this creation and it works like a treat.


Vileda Mop

This mop and bucket are designed for minimal effort, making it the perfect student cleaner. Requiring 40% less effort than other mops and drying 25% quicker, we can quickly clean the floor and get on with our day.

Astonish Products

I’d never heard of Astonish until I come to uni but they’re so incredibly affordable at only £1 per bottle. They actually work too! No scrubbing or aching arms, just spray and wipe. This is cleaning at it’s easiest (perfect for the lazy!). Plus they’re animal cruelty free.


Are you a tidy person? Were your roommates clean? Let us know your horror stories in the comment for on our twitter page

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