Clubbing.. Why bother?

Clubbing - Anna OmelchenkoI will be the first to admit that I HATE clubbing. Don’t get me wrong, going out for a drink with friends is great, and I do occasionally enjoy dancing like a total idiot. However, there are other great ways to meet up with friends without having to hit the clubbing scene week after week!

So if you don’t want to go out clubbing, then what other options do you have? Believe me; there are tonnes which are just as cheap and just as, if not more, fun. Find yourself an up-and-coming new band; find out where their gigs are. Tickets are usually cheap, and these events are usually held in bars you might not usually go to, so you’re able to experience a change of scenery and possibly say you were there when “X band” were starting out!

Another option is to just get all your friends round to yours. No-one will be able to say they’re “too poor” and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to keep any drinks they leave round! Hosting a party or gathering might mean you have a bit of a clean-up in the morning, but at least you get to actually talk with your friends, and who’s to say you can’t set up a mini-dance floor?

Or how about learning something new with a bunch of friends? Use your persuasive charm to get everyone to join a dance class, or a sports club. You’ll meet new people, keep fit and there is plenty of opportunity to go out for drinks afterwards! Or do some fundraising for your favourite charity; you’ll have done good, and feel good about it!

Group of Friends - AndresrIf you don’t fancy nights out, then why not spend your money on doing something different during the day? There’s so much to do with a group of friends. Decide on a date together, and organise a trip out to GoApe, or the nearest Zoo. Check out events near to you, there may be some kind of festival going on, a sporting event or even a new shopping centre opening. Find out about group cooking or cocktail classes (They run one of these near where I live, and I’m absolutely dying to try it out!).

It’s important in life to try out new things, and if you’re asked later in life “What did you do with all that unrestricted freedom you had at University?”, do you really want to answer with “I spent pretty much every day in bed with a raging hangover.” Or would you rather talk about all the new experiences you had, and the great discoveries you made? This is exactly why I am resolving to quit pouring my money down my throat, and instead spend it on moments in life I will actually remember the next day.

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