Easy Money: Cashing In Your Old Gadgets

Cash always gets a little tight towards the end of term, but how many of us have free money just lying around our bedrooms? No, I’m not talking about that tenner that you left in your jeans last week and found AFTER it had been through a spin cycle (damnit), but your old gadgets.Selling Old Gadgets - Sunshine Pics

Recent research shows that nearly a quarter of Brits have an unused laptop in their homes, 22% have at least two broken or old mobile phones and 8% have four or more. But why are we so bad at throwing away old gadgets, even when they’re broken and obsolete?

For most of us, it’s the worry that cashing in our old laptops and phones will mean the loss of important information, or the potential for personal information to be shared with other people. If you’re like me, you don’t like people going through your phone as it is, let alone strangers with ulterior motives. An easy to way to get around this is to wipe the item of as much information as you can before you send it off – this means deleting any old photos, documents and music. In addition, most places that offer cash for your old gadgets often also offer a complete and secure data removal service.

Here are some more top tips for anyone else thinking of cashing in their old gadgets:

Cash it in quick

Gadgets age in dog years when compared with clothes or furniture and unlike wine – they certainly do NOT get better with time.  So, as soon as you’ve bought a new laptop or phone, cash your old one in so that you can make the most money.  Before you know it, five years would have passed and what would have been worth £150 is now worth £20. Ouch.

Look after your gadgets

This one is common sense, and most of us do it anyway. It’s important to keep your gadget in the best possible condition to ensure you receive the highest payout when you come to sell it in.  Take good care of it by keeping it in a protective case from day one to avoid scratches or marks.

Ditch the digital camera

Most of us have perfectly good cameras on our smart phones now that we use far more often than our old digital cameras. But don’t just leave it in the drawer – make some money for it.

Never think it’s too old

So you still have your first laptop that was your faithful friend back in 2003.  You’ve heard of gadget recycling websites but you think, “it’s just too old”.  Fear not – just check it out as you might still be able to make some cash on it, even if it’s a small amount. Every little helps, right?

Save your personal information somewhere safe

Before cashing in your gadget, make sure that you save all your personal information to a hard drive or a USB so that you don’t lose it.  Delete any personal information off the device to give yourself peace of mind, and wipe the internet history!

So that’s it – time to start making some money from your old devices. Well, we all like a freebie, right? One final tip: Cashinyourgadgets.co.uk is one website that enables you to trade in your old gadgets for cash, so they might be worth checking out if you’re thinking of selling off some of your old devices.

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