Echo Falls Wine

Echo Falls have hit back with more budget friendly, fine tasting and high in quality wine. What more could us students want?

Echo falls have released a Merlot Red Wine, and a Chardonnay White. The Merlot is the perfect accompaniment for the current winter weather when all you want to do is curl up by the fire and enjoy life’s comforts… The Chardonnay is an elegant classic that can be enjoyed all year round!

Echo Falls Merlot

Echo Falls Merlot is perfect for the typical student days, where the thought of work and library and leaving the comfort of your couch seems a bit too much.

With the snow still making an appearance in March, what perfect opportunity to match your favourite cuddly jumper with a glass of Echo Falls Merlot, and savour the taste of the dark fruity flavours of plums and blueberries.

Sip on the smooth drink in a sophisticated fashion, with a crackling fire, romantic comedy and fury friend. 

Echo Falls Chardonnay

If red wine isn’t your thing, and you’re after the taste of an elegant classic, then look no further than the Echo Falls Chardonnay.

This infamous wine combines all the spicy flavour of oak with juicy peaches and tropical fruit to bring a taste frenzy to your mouth, the perfect wine for a refreshing taste.

With both of the wines available from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and various other convenience shops for just £5-6, it really is the perfect drink for us students. 

Don’t forget about the Echo Falls Vodka, which I was lucky enough to grab another sample of. The Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka really is the easiest drink, when mixed with lemonade! For more information on the Vodka, read our other post here


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