What is every office missing?

So when starting your first placement or work experience you’re absolutely committed to making a great first impression and bagging the perfect job. Walking in wearing your smartest clothes possible (for a student!) you are desperately trying to embrace your inner professional business women/man. Looking around you see all of the typical business essentials: desks, printers, computers, meeting rooms, a beer fridge. Wait what? A BEER FRIDGE. Is this real? This place is amazing. Who said that working in an office 9-5 was long and boring? No no no, what better way to hook a student than with free beer? Do I get to drink it? These are more than likely only a fraction of the questions running through your head.

What marks a sense of community like a good old beer at the end of a long week at work? I’ve always wondered if when I was older I’d ever quote the recognisable “I need a glass of wine” at the end of a day like I’d heard those older than me say. Do they depend on their glass of wine at the end of the day? Is it all they think about while they’re answering calls all day long? As a student I’ve never been as such ‘dependent’ on an alcoholic drink… as long as it’s cheap and gets you drunk it makes the cut as far as I’m aware, right? 

So why should all offices have a beer fridge in their office? Of course, one could sneak a beer into the office kitchen fridge, but any knowledgeable beer drinker out there would know that unless its kept at the right temperature it just doesn’t taste as crisp to perfection. Not only this, but no more employees slacking off on a Friday afternoon waiting for the 5pm mark to rush down to the local pub because well – beer is supplied in the office. Surely this boosts morale, improves social relationships and helps to build trust amongst colleagues?! The question is, why wouldn’t you have a beer fridge in the office? 

Get your very own beer fridge here


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Sinead Morrissey

"Professional napper with a love of all things fashion and beauty. Easily bribed with a bag of Doritos."

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