Every Students Sleepy Dream – Sealy Clusterfill Pillow

Recently I was approached and asked if I wanted to become part of the Sealy Deeper Sleeper Panel. My answer – of course! An excuse to sleep with products that make sleeping more comfortable from a company which encourages healthy sleep, find me a single student who would turn that down.

Students love sleep. That’s no secret. Despite what people may say, uni can be tiring and so yes, whilst we’re sat in our cold, uncomfortable lecture theatres listening to how the Leveson Inquiry has changed the future of Journalism forever, our minds do occasionally drift to the warmth and safety of our beds waiting for us at home.

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So imagine my delight when I was handed a Sealy Clusterfill pillow. The label read, “Quilted luxury soft microfibre cover that naturally responds to you body temperature.” I’ve found that temperature can have a huge impact on how well you sleep. Nobody wants to wake up in a hot, flustered mess so temperature control is already a thumbs up. The pillow was also incredibly soft to touch, double thumbs up. However, the real test is in the comfort.

This was where I struggled. I have naturally slept on my front for as long as I can remember and so for me, flatter pillows are ideal. After a couple of nights, I was still struggling to adjust to the height. I noticed the cushion had a firmness score of 6/10 and so if I was buying the pillow myself, I would probably try one much softer, but that’s the great thing about Sealy products, they know that everybody sleeps differently and have catered for this so there’s a pillow to match everybody.

I went in search of somebody who I thought would really appreciate this pillow and immediately gave it to my dad. Our pillows at home are quite soft and so my dad finds himself them piling up in order for him to get the height that he needs. After a week with the pillow, my dad was definitely noticing the changes. He was sleeping straight through the night, was only sleeping with one pillow, and was no longer suffering from neck/backache when he woke up.

Sealy pillows are designed to make sleep more comfortable and they definitely do this. If like me, you don’t find the right product straight away, keep looking. Sealy have such a wide range of products that there will be one to suit you and once you’ve found it, be prepared to never want to leave your bed again.

You can find the full range of Sealy products at www.sealy.co.uk

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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