Everything but the kitchen sink!

Everything but the kitchen sink - Dragon ImagesI can remember the day so clearly when it came to me having to pack what felt like my whole life into three suitcases, four bags and three boxes. It took me two trips to Leeds from Manchester to finally have everything I ‘needed’ at my student halls. However I then realised I didn’t actually need half the stuff I brought with me, and after being at University for four months I took the majority back home with me at Christmas. So let’s have a look at the basics of what you need to take to university:

KITCHEN: In my experience all I needed to take was cutlery, plates, bowls, glasses, a wine glass also comes in handy for females, measuring jug, wooden spoon, knife set, chopping board, small weighing scales, cooking utensils, food, kitchen roll, tea towels, jug for cocktails, and I also took a slow cooker because it came in handy for making soups and curries and then I could just freeze any leftovers which saved money on meals.

BEDROOM: Bedding, mattress protector, blanket, clock, door stop, hot water bottle, lamp, wash basket, bin, printer, mirror, white board, TV and TV Licence, DVD player, games console. Also, added extras like candles, photos, posters and things to make your room seem more homely, is always nice to help you settle in.

BATHROOM: toilet brush, toiletries, bleach, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, bath mat, face cloth, and loo roll. Sometimes bathrooms in halls don’t provide a bin so this is always something that’s worth checking.

That’s just a few of the basics but buying all this stuff can get costly, it’s different for everyone, but why not try asking friends and families for their unused toastie maker or toaster – you might be surprised by how many people actually have a lot of the stuff you need.

It’s also a really nice idea to try and find out who your flatmates are; social media sites such as Facebook are great because they usually have halls of residence groups where you can ask people what flat they will be living in. Then you can find out what stuff they have bought so you don’t have two of everything.

Just remember you don’t need to take the kitchen sink!!!!

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