Fancy A Fruit Smoothie?

This Wednesday (30th November) from 8am, anyone passing by London Southbank can kick-start their day by claiming one of 3,000 delicious fruit smoothies from Dole Packaged Foods. You can pick up a smoothie from one of the giant ice luges in the shape of each fruit flavour.

What better way to get one of your “5-a-day” than grabbing a free smoothie on the way to uni, or seeking out the Dole ice sculptures for a mid-afternoon pick me up?

People in search of their smoothie fix will need to head to the giant strawberry, pineapple and raspberry ice sculptures that can be found at the Southbank’s Observation Site near the Oxo Tower, where they can pick from one of three flavours: raspberry, pineapple and triple berry. Each smoothie counts as one of your five-a-day!

The sculptures have been built to celebrate the launch of Dole® Frozen Fruit as part of their goal to encourage people to increase their fruit intake in a quick and convenient way, and to bring a bit of joy to Londoners! Dole® Frozen Fruit is 100% fresh fruit, picked at optimum ripeness and frozen within hours.

The DOLE Frozen Fruit range contains 100% high quality, perfectly ripe fruit which is handpicked and frozen within hours, meaning it is never out of season. If you enjoy your smoothie, why not check out the handy resealable packs? Ideal for smoothies as well as breakfast toppings, for cooking, and in baking, they’re available in six different varieties: raspberries, TROPICAL GOLD® pineapple chunks, blueberries, sliced strawberries, triple berry and tropical mix. The DOLE Frozen Fruit range is available from the frozen section in grocery retailers for RRP £2.29.

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Brittany Guymer

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