A festival survival guide

Sunny skies, cider in hand, and your favourite band playing on the main stage, a festival is one of those things you simply have to do at least once in your life. Embracing the mud isn’t always easy to do at first, but with everyone in the same boat the race to survive festival life is on.

From getting your head around festival safety, camping advice, beauty tips and keeping everyone updated back home we’ve rounded up a few tips to keep your festival experience a memorable one.

Camping Tips

If you’ve ever been to a festival before you’ll know that in order to claim the best camping spot you need to arrive early. Cramming yourself in between tents in the dark (and probably rain) is not the one let me tell you.

Choose your tent pitch wisely too. You may think being close to the toilets means less to walk, but as we all know festival toilets can be a little (read: a lot) on the whiffy side – gross. Other things to avoid are being to close bright lights and the stage, you don’t want to be kept up by bright lights and loud noises whilst you’re trying to kip.

Always get a slightly bigger tent than you need per person. If there’s two of you, always go for a four person tent and so on. Festivals are usually a three day event and there’s nothing worse than being wedged in a tiny tent whilst you try to navigate around your belongings.

Beauty Essentials

These days festivals are as much about the music as they are about the fashion and beauty. From the trusty festival favourite of wellies, denim shorts, and a parka at Glastonbury, to the fabulous boho looks of Coachella – who knew muddy fields were the new runways.

Sadly staying primped and preened to perfection isn’t all that easy when all you have to hand are the basics. They feature on almost every festival beauty round up for a very good reason as they will give you a mini makeover when you need it most, so make baby wipes and dry shampoo your BFFs for the weekend.

A festival is one of the best times to get experimental with your look – the more glitter the better here. Put on your carefree attitude and wear your most creative outfit. Just remember to take a rain mac too as the great British weather will no doubt rear its ugly head at some point.

Stay Connected

If it wasn’t on Facebook did it even really happen? Okay, it probably did, but you want to be able to share your festival snaps at a moment’s notice. Loosing charge is one of the biggest festival woes so avoid a technology meltdown and keep your battery topped up at all times with a portable charger. Whilst many festivals have charging points they do generate massive ques, and you don’t want to miss out on the action.

Create your own hashtag whilst your there and get everyone in your group to share their photos using it too, that way you’ll be able to look back on them across your social platforms much easier. Just try not to weep at how much fun you had.

Safety First

Festivals are a time where we all become a little bit freer but that shouldn’t mean you let your guard down and safety to the back of your mind. Once you’ve had an alcoholic drink you become much more vulnerable so remember to keep your water intake topped up too.

We all know smoking is bad for us and with many making the switch to e-cigarettes, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re doing a lot less harm. Make sure you check out each festivals guidelines though as no one wants to be a rule breaker.

Plan Your Acts

If you’re going to a festival it’s likely you’re into your music, and with headliners such as Adele and Coldplay topping the bill at Glastonbury and Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foals at Reading and Leeds, planning your festival experience is the only way to make sure you don’t miss out.

Attending a festival in a large group can actually be a blessing and don’t feel like you have to spend every waking moment with each other. One of the best things about going in a large group is that you can all split off into smaller parties and see your favourite acts live.

Sadly some of your favourite acts might clash and you may have to make some tough decision, luckily this website has done some of the hard work for you and has ready made lists of stage clashes from Bestival to Lovebox and beyond.

Now all you need to do is have the time of your life!

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