Find Your Motivation Again

It’s October – one month into university life and back to the reality of working for a degree.

This new found motivation we all have at the beginning of the year to work towards a first, keep on top of assignments, and making the library our second home begin to disintegrate as our student habits kick back in.


9-10 lecture?      I’d rather a lie in thanks.

Anything to dodge the conventional inconvenience that come with a lecture. The tutor changing the slide before you’ve finished making your notes… Freshers flu? If you haven’t got it I’m sure you will with all the coughing and spreading that goes on in a lecture suite. Then you always have that one person, who has actually prepared beforehand, and has something to say about everything.

We’ve all experienced them, and any excuse not to go right?


Find your first month motivation again.

When I think back over my past years at university, I can’t help but dwell on how fast its gone, and it’ll continue to be like this until graduation I can assume. In the big scheme of things, it’s hard to imagine that these 3 years are only a small percentage of our lives. This thought helps motivate me. We wont be here forever. It’ll be so worth it in the end, when that graduation hat gets thrown – everything will be over.

  • Keep everything in one place and keep organised. Have a list of things to do with deadline dates. Know your timetable and use your spare time wisely. Realistically, an extra hour in the library isn’t long at all. Being organised will help dodge any excuses that you may come up in the process.


  • Be motivated to dodge that last minute stress of assignments. Imagine the feeling of relief when something gets finished, and you no longer have to think about it. Get someone to help motivate you. Make pacts that you’ll help each other stay motivated which will hopefully give you a guilty conscience, and you wont miss uni.
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