How to Prepare for Your First Year at University

Preparing for your first year at university is very exciting and it is easy to get involved with all the big stuff but forget the small stuff. That’s why forward planning as early as possible can be a great idea. Now is the ideal time to start preparing for university and making all those important lists that will help you put everything together nearer the time.


One area you should definitely think about early on is accommodation. There are choices for first year students – many live in halls of residence but you can rent somewhere off campus if you prefer. There are lots of places that offer student rental properties where you can find something to work within your budget. There are also companies that offer higher cost properties that are perfect if you plan to share with some friends and spread the cost. Decide about this as early as possible as the best deals go quickly and you could end up living somewhere less desirable if you take too long.


The other vital area to deal with quickly is student financing. You want to complete all applications well ahead of the deadline dates to ensure you don’t arrive at fresher’s week with a little cash from your parents and nothing else. You’ll need a bank account in your name in order to apply for student financing so look for one suitable for students or change the one you have to a student account if your bank offer them.

Prepare the essentials

Once you have an idea about where you will be living, you can start looking at the essentials you need to take with you. For example, if you are living on campus, then some of the basic electrical appliances will be provided and some rental properties come with furnishings that include kitchen items. Once you know what you have access to, you can decide what else you want to take with you.

Get the know the area

You should also start getting to know both the university and the surrounding area, especially if you are living off-campus. Where are the supermarkets? How far will you need to travel to class each morning? What facilities are there on campus and where can you find the things that aren’t there? Where’s a good pub and takeaway (well, these aren’t essential but you will want to know fairly quickly!) By learning the area in which you will be living, you will instantly feel more comfortable when you arrive.

Prepare for Freshers Week

Freshers Week varies between universities but is commonly where first year students get their bearings around the place and adapt to their new life. There will be a range of events on and might include a ball or formal gathering so make sure you pack something to wear. Check out the schedule of events so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. It might seem a bit tiring after everything else that is happening but is worth getting involved.


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