Being A First Year

I am a self proclaimed fresher/first year who doesn’t drink (much) or party. Many of you will probably think I’m a wet drip (which is quite possibly true). However, there will be a small collective who like me, don’t drink or party. 

I hated freshers week. For me, drinking isn’t a priority. Everyone getting extremely drunk and waking me up wasn’t exactly brilliant. For me the fun started when I got into the swing of uni. So I figured I’d give some tips on how to be a fresher (the non partying style):

  • Everyone is in the same boat. It’s ok to feel chucked in the deep end when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Just remember nearly everyone is in the same position as you. Even if someone doesn’t show how their feeling, I guarantee they’re feeling emotional. Everyone handles things in their own way. You might cry yourself to sleep whilst your neighbours cry all day. At the end of the day, everyone feels exactly the same when it comes to moving out and starting first year!
  • Join in: one of my favourite things about uni is the societies. You usually have to shed a bit of dosh to join them, but that loss of food money is worth it for the socials and events you get to attend. You might even get a hoody thrown into the mix! They make the perfect study companions.
  • Going home isn’t a bad thing, in fact its almost a good thing! I was told not to leave uni for a month. To me this was a completely impossible thing. The weekend is the perfect opportunity to eat some home cooked grub and get your washing done. If you can afford it, get yourself back home, you’ll be better off for it! (this only applies to those who really enjoy being at home- of course)
  • Not drinking and partying is ok! I haven’t touched a single drop of booze since I started uni. People don’t hate me for it. Some find it funny how much self control I have. Peer pressure is a big thing at Uni and can be hard work to ignore, but it’s worth it in the end. So if you don’t want to drink one night, don’t! If someone you know doesn’t want to drink, leave them to it. Everyone needs a booze break every now and again.

Most importantly, uni is a time where we should all embrace ourselves and have fun. In whatever way you seem fit! 

What kind of fresher were you and what tips got you through first year? Let us know in the comments or on our twitter page.

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