Food Review: COSMO

Cosmo is a restaurant chain which I think is seriously under-rated. It’s one of those places that I first discovered with my friends as a late teen and just keep going back to. When Cosmo asked me to come along to review their menu, I jumped at the chance! After my visit last Saturday, I can guarantee that their selection is as delicious as ever and unlike anything you’ve tasted before!

For those not in the know, Cosmo describes itself as an Authentic World Kitchen. They prepare dishes from all around the world and present them in Live Cooking Stations, meaning that the dishes are cooked in front of you and then served in a buffet style. You can enjoy nibbles of new and exciting oriental dishes and mountains of old classics!

The variety of food at Cosmo is phenominal. The restaurant is split into country stations so you can easily find your favourite dishes. The Chinese section contains a noodle bar, duck pancakes, chow mein, chilli prawns (a personal favourite of mine) and sweet and sour chicken just to name a few. There’s also an Indian, Teppanyaki, Italian, Carvery, Desserts and a British section. Yes, if you wanted to go for just a mountain of eggs, chips and bacon then you could!

For the amount of food that Cosmo produces and the speed they produce it throughout the day, they definitely do not skimp on quality! I was waiting behind a woman with the intent to fill my plate sky high with duck pancakes (when you’ve spent months living off super noodles, duck is a luxury that I was going to take advantage of!) but when I reached the station, there were none left. Within the space of a few minutes, a chef appeared, noticed the duck was gone and came back with a new steaming hot tray of deliciousness. The service really is exceptional!

The desserts are delicious too, it’s always nice to end on a high! There’s a giant chocolate fountain surrounded by sweetie goodness but my favourite area was tucked away in the corner. A fridge filled with cakes! From Oreo cheesecakes to mini eclairs to chocolate mousse, it’s just like stepping into a French patisserie.

I’m sure what you really want to hear about though is the drinks menu! As you walk in, you’re greeted by a member of staff and guided to your table. They’ll then take your drink order. On personal preference, I either order a refillable glass for the soft drinks machine or a pint of lager, although I’m determined to order one of their cocktails because they always look delicious! There’s also wines, spirits, shots and hot drinks so whether you’re pre-drinking with friends or having a relaxing afternoon exploring a new city with your parents, there’s a drink to quench your thirst.

For one set price, the buffet is exceptional value for money and for us little piggies, it’s the perfect place to eat out! The atmosphere is also incredible; you can guarantee that everyone there, regardless of whether they’re 2 or 102, with family or friends, is laughing and having a great time. There’s an instant feel-good vibe about Cosmo and that alone is enough to make you go! You always leave with a full tum and a smile on your face.

There are more exciting Cosmo restaurants opening in the next couple of months so to find a Cosmo near you, click here.

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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