Food You Won’t Survive Without At Uni

A poor diet is unanimous with student life. Paying £9,000 a year, extortionate student accommodation as well as bills, uni books (seriously, the books alone are £100’s), transport and more, its no wonder that students can’t afford to buy luxury organic food. However, that doesn’t mean that cheap food can’t be tasty! Here are some foods that you will definitely find yourself reaching for and before you know it, these will be your food staples! Just tell me I’m wrong!


One of my go-to meals is now egg noodles with a splash of soy sauce. Nothing more. Nothing less. Super cheap, super quick and super tasty. Whats even better? There is 0 culinary expertise required. just chuck it in a pan of warm water for 6 minutes, drain and add the soy. Easy Pease.


image001-1image002It’s no secret that Doritos are the gods of the crisp world. Nothing beats a night in front of the telly with a bag of Doritos originals. But have you tried the new #DoritosA or #Doritos B? The new flavours, Cheeseburger and Sizzling Salsa, have been a hit this summer but now only one can stay. And you can decide which one is eliminated. (for more information go to (Personally, I would arrange an olympic style boxing match where Cheeseburger is eliminated). So whether you enjoy to share with friends or keep the treats to yourself, make sure you get out to try the new flavours before one disappears.

Beans on Toast

We all know the joke. Students live on beans. But shockingly, beans are slowly becoming more expensive so be careful which brand you buy. Regardless of that, a classic meal would have to be beans on toast. Easy and cheap. And for those feeling more adventurous, why not add some hendersons relish to the beans or melt some cheese onto the toast first?


originalSo this one is mainly for ease. I mean who has time to fetch some milk every day when you have assessments and sweet parties to attend? Porridge is cheap, keeps you fuller for longer (nobody likes a grumbly tummy during a lecture) and you can flavour it to your heart desire. Yum, golden syrup. The ones I’ve been loving are the Skinny Oats from OOMF. Each little porridge pot is filled with enough porridge to leave you feeling full for hours whilst also not giving you enough to pid eon those pounds. You choose the consistency you want by how much water you put in too. Just add your desired water level, leave for a few seconds and your porridge is ready! Perfect for those 9am lectures.


Again, quick and easy and cheap! Just add in a different source and you have a different meal. Add your standard tomato sauce and you already have one of your five a day! You cant really go wrong!


DSC01136Students love cheese! No big secret there! Its relatively cheap, super tasty and extremely versatile; I mean you can sprinkle it, grate it, rip it, slice it, melt it, the list goes on! The best cheese company by far is Cathedral City! Whether you’re after a spread, a little chunk to nibble or a huge block to last the week (yes a huge block will only last a week when you’re a student!), then Cathedral City will do it. You have to try their mature range; rich and creamy and everything you could ever want in a cheese! You may start of uni planning to be healthy but trust me, after a few weeks cheese will be your new bff. The only downside is Cathedral City don’t yet sell Halloumi.


Let us know what you like to eat at uni in the comments or on our twitter page.

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