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    These days when the information technology has been seen to achieve heights of success, the teacher also looks to find and add something engaging in the classroom that involves using the information technology sources. Teachers are more focused to add blogging activities for students in teaching sessions.

    The blogs are enjoyable to read, knowledge gaining and offers latest updates to the reader as well as it keeps updated the blogger to learn about latest and different new information. Blogging activity can be according to the recent lectures being taught in the classroom or it could be assigned as the homework that enables students to enjoy the learning experience.

    This has been considered as the tremendously valuable way for the reader, as well as the best way for the blogger to share experiences, knowledge, ideas, and useful tips for everyone intending to learn a little more regarding the particular discipline, concept, and theories, this specifically a suitable way for those who are lacking with the sufficient time for book readings.

    This is remarkably helpful for students seeking coursework help. With this believes teachers’ are aimed to introduce and implement blogging activities as part of their teaching session. There are many ways through which blogging can be helpful for students.

    1. Enhancing Analytical Thinking
    Students are able to enhance their critical; and analytical thinking with the help of blogging activities. The students are required to demonstrate their skills in writing and languages that polish analytical thoughts and reading comprehension, and ideas to express. Students are also provided with the opportunity with the help of blog posts assignments on how creative risks can be taken and also learning the advantages of commitment, planning, scheduling, and how to manage and meet the deadlines as well as avoiding off-topic arguments.

    2. Enhanced Learning Skills
    Arranging a classroom blog and engaging students to contribute can enhance their learning skills and contributing efforts and sharing new ideas. It helps the students to enhance their writing skills with the purpose to write on different stuff. This also helps build a motivating factor in producing advanced quality work with superior quality. Blogging has been considered to provide an appropriate tool to teach spelling, grammatical, and language factors. This brings the understanding and significance of self-connecting before they post any blog to any web community.

    3. Awareness of Producing Quality Content
    Blogging requires various skills to produce valuable and high-quality content and enhances the possibility that students are getting espouse to the scholarly articles and as it requires extensive reading for authentic information. This enables the student to refine the point of view supported by the similar findings of past researches. This also enables students on using authentic sources and unauthentic sources; this makes blogging the most essential tool for effective learning in educational institutes and can be included in a course outlines as a compulsory activity and should be given marks weight. Whether the blogging activity is relevant to lecture, it should be made part of lecture sessions.

    4. Global Access and Connection
    Access to several other blogs with the help of global connections enables students to connect with other students for the exchange id ideas and group discussions; this can be done across the globe while connecting with other schools. A teacher is also able to connect one class with another and anywhere in the world while researching on particular topics. The access to global connection enables students to build better understanding and the sense of broad-mindedness of the globe they are living in and helps to build connectivity with several experts of the field.

    5. Teaching Benefits
    In several other ways, blogging can benefits students, such as by providing additional support for the managerial affairs of a lecture room. One illustration to this could be, in addition to authorized on paper communication among instructors, students and guardians, a blog is considered as the server of fundamental location that offers to study relevant content to the lecture being taught, such as deadlines, dates and timings of particular events, assignment briefs, review of the lecture, and the outline of the course. Blogs can also be a place for students to share course relevant audios and videos of session happenings and educational trips etc.

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