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    Will Ockenden

    What are some of your housemate’s most annoying habits that you just need to rant about



    I have a really nice housemate overall. He is a great guy and helps with everything. I mean literally everything. He cooks with me (this is amazing because I am vegan and he is not and still he finds new recipes and shows them to me), he helps me with my studies (provided I have some problematic issues with them) and he also parties with me (and that guy can drink ;P!)

    The only problem with him is the fact that he makes comments about my clothing all the damn time! Recently I purchased this thing: – a very sexy dress for my boyfriend to be glad he has such a pretty and flawlesss girl (#iwokeuplikethis). It is quite short, but sexy dresses SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. So last thursday I was going ready to go on a date with my bf and when he (my housemate) saw me in that dress, he said that I shouldn’t go on a date dressed like a stripper. It made me just speechless and I got quite angry about it. It is not the only time he makes such comments. In moments like that I just feel like I want to punch him.

    But he is my flatmate and I wouldn’t trade him at any costs 😛 – I mean I could meet someone much much worse. Nobody is perfect and as long as I have that in mind all is ok :).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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