Freshers 2015 – Helpful Advice (Part Two)

And we’re back! Here is the follow up to Freshers 2015 – Helpful Advice (Part One), this is now part two and the final part to the Freshers 2015 – Helpful Advice. If you haven’t already read part one you can read it here. If you already have read it then let’s recap quickly. In the first part I provided eight answers to eight questions which I’d asked a handful of students from Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln spread out across the years.

It’s time to continue. Onto question nine.

9. So what is it that makes you wish you could experience freshers again for the first time?

The reasons vary, some people would like to do it again because it was a fantastic week full of fantastic memories, others so they could tell themselves to do things differently, not panic and stress as much. Some were more academic saying they’d wish they’d used the time to learn more and prepare for their course in the week. No matter what your reason for wanting to return to Freshers, they’ll always be that part of you that wants to go back. You may not be able to relive Freshers for the first time again but you can experience it again for another two years.

10. What would you suggest to upcoming Freshers? E.g. Hints & Tips

With this one, I’ve decided to copy the answers as they’ve been said, everything is in their words:

  • “Save up, talk to people even if it scares you, pre drink loads!”
  • “Enjoy every minute of your first year, make the most of every single opportunity you have.”
  • “I would suggest attending and getting involved in as many Freshers events as possible, daytime and night time, to get the full experience of everything your university is offering that week. It will make you feel more comfortable with the new surroundings and less alone when you start university.”
  • “Go with the flow, see what other people on campus or in your flat are doing and join in! Make sure you enjoy yourself, as the hard work begins shortly after!”
  • “… I’m not really a club person. PLEASE know that if you’re also one of these people, then it’s okay. You don’t need to be a ‘club person’ to survive Freshers week, and you certainly don’t need to force yourself to go out to get people to like you. I soon noticed Freshers is what you make it. You don’t HAVE to be sloshed for the week, you don’t HAVE to spend the majority of your time on the R&B floor of the nearest club and you don’t HAVE to sleep with half of your course. But you CAN do that if you’re that way inclined (I’m not here to judge!).”

And from me! What would I suggest to upcoming Freshers? Well, it’s already been said but make the most of it. Make the most of every minute during Freshers, you’ll probably spend a lot of it sleeping but when you’re not, go out, do things, make the most of it. Get to know your campus, the city, the transport, local pubs, shops and what not. Go out with your flat or halls, get to know each other. Start reading up for your course, meet with your lecturer. The list is endless but most of all, have fun.

11. What are your do’s and don’t’s for the ‘party’ week?

Again, I could make this paragraph generic to what everybody has said, but, like the last one I believe only there words do this question justice.

  • “Do: wear comfortable shoes, make sure you’re warm enough when you go out, budget well, speak to everyone and look into societies, buy a freshers band. Don’t: spend too much money, try too hard to make people like you, judge people before you’ve got to know them.”
  • “Do: socialise with as many people as you can, freshers is probably the only chance the majority of first year will be in one place, and the easiest way to make friends. Don’t: spend freshers on your own. If you are living off campus and possibly at home like I did, take a friend to some freshers events so you don’t feel as intimidated.”
  • “Do: enjoy yourself, drink if you want to, make sure you know how to get home. Don’t: get too drunk, go home with a stranger, in a situation where you find yourself on your own.”
  • “Do: enjoy yourself, be yourself, meet new people, call your family – they’re missing you as much (if not more) than you miss them!, take selfies. Don’t: drink all day, every day! Give yourself short breaks (as boring as that sounds, it’s important!), let your studies suffer if Freshers week and lectures overlap, do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

And from me! I have nothing to add, this hit the metaphorical nail on the head. 

12. Any suggestions or words of wisdom?

“always make sure you keep £5 somewhere, not with your other money, so you always know you have enough to get a taxi home”

When I sent out the questionnaire for these questions, I said to people they could choose to answer questions as they pleased and if they couldn’t answer a question, just leave it. This one went unanswered for the most part and I believe that’s down to the fact that a lot of ‘suggestions’ or ‘words of wisdom’ have been made clear throughout these articles. I think all that can be said here is USE COMMON SENSE. A lot of people will know their boundaries and what they are comfortable with and yes, Freshers is about pushing that just a little bit and stretching yourself to experience this new chapter, but don’t go crazy, have common sense about situations and you’ll be just fine.

“This is less for Freshers week but more for throughout your time at University. Don’t neglect your family. Go home regularly, call them every other day at the very least. Think about how much they’re missing you. If you neglect them, you’re only going to get homesick and your time at University will only be ruined.”

13. How did you make friends during Freshers/University?

This one really depends on who you are as a person. Now, what I mean by this is what you are like socially. Just be yourself. In some of the answers people just suggest smiling as you go around, knocking on peoples doors in halls and so on and so fourth. I don’t want to be generic within this paragraph due to the fact I’ve been spending a lot of time on The Student Room and in some of the forums and threads I’ve been answering I’ve found out that a lot of people going to university suffer from anxiety, depression and more. These people find it hard to socialise so I don’t want to do a giant paragraph making it sound easy because for some it’s not, and this might be the case for some of the other questions and answers that have been posted – it may not be easy for some but I believe from what I’ve read, this is the big one. 

A big tip I’d suggest to anyone whether you find making friends easy or not:

When moving into halls, on moving in day, take some sweets, cakes or anything like that, leave them in the communal area or outside your room with a note reading “Please take one and say hi!” and then leave your name and room on the bottom. It’s a fantastically easy way for anyone to make some friends and it was the advice passed onto me. Try it! Cheap, easy, do-able!

(If you don’t live in halls, of course this is a problem. In Freshers be open, friendly and you’ll make friends in no time what so ever!)

I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression personally so I can’t expand massively on this point but just know you will be fine during Freshers. If you are still worrying head off to TSR and read the forums and threads, you aren’t alone and you’ll have plenty of support. Everyone makes a friend or two in Freshers.

14. Best takeaway on a night out?

I thought this was a fun little piece of advice to throw in.

PIZZA. It’s fair to say close to everybody loves pizza and during Freshers you’ll more than likely receive more free pizza than you ever have in your life. It’s quite scary the amount you get given – but don’t complain! 

Throughout the answers one thing is for certain, pizza is the general census that people like to eat on a night out.

Personally, I prefer cheesy chips – depending on my mood. Everyone has their own preference and you’ll discover the ‘place to go’ in your city after a few nights out. Nothing better than stumbling out of a club in the early morning and heading straight to get some fatty, deep fried food. Yum!

15. Best hangover cure?

Come on, this needed to be talked about.

Sleep, paracetamol and McDonalds. I think this accurately sums up this helpful advice answer. What I will tell you is this, something I figured out after a while. SLEEP:- Just before you leave to head out for the night, make sure your bed is made and the cover pulled back so when you stumble in, all you have to do is fall into bed. This was a big help. PARACETAMOL:- Always have a supply of this in your room, ALWAYS. It’s like 23p from any Supermarket, if that. Have a couple of these in the morning and you’ll be fine, don’t forget water! Another handy tip, always put some paracetamol and water out before you leave, so when you come in, they are there. MYTH: Now, I don’t know if this is true but my cousin passed this information onto me and I swear it worked. After a night out and before you go bed, to stop any hangover, drink a pint of water and take two paracetamol before you sleep. You will not have a hangover in the morning. If anyone tries it, let me know the results. Then, not forgetting food, later on in the day when you look like a zombie, stumble down to the nearest McDonalds for a good ol’ Big Mac. Yum.

16. Anything else you would like to add?

These are word for word!

  • “Completely have fun, enjoy yourself and let loose, you only get one freshers!”
  • “Just enjoy yourself. That’s all I can say on the matter, you need to meet new people, dance, scream and have a great time. Have fun!”

And that is that. This is the end of Freshers 2015 – Helpful Advice (Part Two) which draws these articles to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and found some sort of advice throughout the endless paragraphs. 

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