Balancing Full-Time Study and a Part-Time Job

Many students will know the stress that comes with studying full-time and having to commit to a part-time job. The unavoidable costs of living at university mean many of us have to tolerate working long hours and endless late nights to get by. However, it’s not impossible to balance these two rivals. Here are 5 ways how balancing these two elements can make your life a little easier.

Create a study timetable

This can be a good strategy to balance your time. Planning which days you can study and giving yourself specific hours committed to uni work can minimize your stress levels when deadline days loom. Don’t forget to plan in some down time either. You’re a student, you need to have some fun. Don’t leave all your work until the night before because it’s not worth the stress, try to get it done as soon as you can.

Keep your hours to a minimum

Most universities recommend working a maximum of 12 hours per week, however, working overtime for a little extra cash is sometimes necessary – but don’t let this interfere with uni work. Be honest with yourself with what you can manage. If you have an essay due can you really work that extra shift? Part-time work is also a great way to improve your time management. So if you can balance both and still have time for a social life then you’re succeeding with university life.

Attend your lectures and seminars

Keeping on top of your work load is essential when you have a busy life and missing one seminar can mean you miss information about your assignments, which can set you back. To try maintain a less stressful life, attend all of your lectures and seminars and you will thank yourself when it comes to the end of the semester. At the end of the day, university takes priority over paid work, it’s your career.

Book time off around your exams

Make sure you check your timetable for exam dates early. This way you can add these to your diary to remind you of when they are and make yourself free the week before and the week of your exams for revision. Giving yourself this time will reduce some of the exam stress. Being organised and managing your time effectively will allow you to revise at your own pace without having to cram last minute.

Try to find a job relatable to your degree

If possible, find a job that compliments your degree. Even if it isn’t necessarily the same career, a part-time job will provide transferable skills that will help you to develop in your subject and increase your experience in a specific field. For example; fashion students – a job in a clothing retailer or sports students – a local gym or leisure centre. There are many jobs that will relate to your degree and having a job that you enjoy will provide you with motivation and make part-time work less tedious.


Most of all, make the most of the opportunities you have.

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