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3697785107_579dac8a0fHaving a successful pre-drinks party prior to hitting the town truly sets the tone for the remainder of your alcohol-consumed, partying-packed evening. Thereby, if you are holding this all-important university flat party, you hold a great responsibility in ensuring that everyone’s in the mood for the night of their lives. Here are some ideas that require little to no money, to help you get your party going:

Compulsory Entry Shot

Simple one, but very few things set the mood for a prosperous flat party like a face-crunching shot of Tequila before the guests even get through the front door. Match this with a ground shaking playlist and the conversation should flow as smoothly as the alcohol.

Beer Pong

For those who have never played, how has your life in a distant cave treated you? For those who have, you will know it is recommendable and cheap for a university party to have guests feeling relaxed and active rather than suffering the awkward seated silences.

How do you play?

  • Set up two sets of 6 cups on opposite sides of a table (preferably plastic and of similar size.) Each set should be organised in a shape resembling that of bowling pins, facing each other.
  • One of the players/teams must then throw a ping-pong ball into the opponents’ glasses.
  • If you succeed, the opposite player must consume the contents of that cup – it is your choice whether you play with spirits or beer.
  • The ball must either go directly into the cup or bounce once and then go in. If the ball bounces more than once, the shot doesn’t count.
  • Continue until all cups from one team have been consumed and removed. The losing team must then finish the opposition’s cups too.

D.I.Y. Playlist

Is your playlist being actively heckled or sending the party into a solemn slumber? Using Spotify or YouTube, create a playlist and ensure each guest adds a party rocking song of their own choosing. Upon completion, shuffle the playlist and as the party continues, have the members rank these songs in order without revealing who picked them. You could also allocate a number of fingers to drink depending on how low a guest’s song ranks, ensuring everyone thoroughly racks their brain for a real tune.

I Have Never…

Nothing breaks tension as much as humiliating yourself by confessing your deepest and most embarrassing secrets, often to total strangers. Simply form a circle and have each guest state something embarrassing they may or may not have done. All other guests who have done the given statement must drink, much to the glee of everyone around them. This continues around the circle until all guests’ dignity and egos have been flattened.

Pyramid Races

For the harder drinkers, these features may not comply with your idealised flat party. To become legless in as little time as possible or to test yourself against the best, try the pyramid-drinking race.

What do you need?

  • Two shots of your own choosing, two regular alcopop bottles and a pint of your preferred lager/beer.
  • Line up the drinks before the brave drinker as follows: shot, alcopop, pint, alcopop, shot.
  • The alcopop should have a straw inserted and pressed against the side of the bottle, otherwise known as a strawpedo.
  • The opposing guests must complete the drinks in this order and the fastest competitor wins.
  • Ensure you have bin bags handy. This can be a tough one.

Photo Credit: crsan via Compfight cc

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