Gig Review: Busted ‘Pigs Can Fly’ Tour

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Last month, thousands were crying out in nostalgic glee as Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne took to arena stages across the UK for the first time in 12 years. The impossible has turned possible: Busted are back and are bigger and better than ever.

The 13th and 14th of May was Glasgow’s turn for the trio’s comeback on their ‘Pigs Can Fly’ tour. Demand is clearly still high for the early 00’s band as the latter date was sold-out within the first day. Speculation had been flying around about what songs would be included on the set list – all new or old classics? The answer is both.

Opening with their brand new track, ‘Coming Home,’ screams were heard and tears were shed – I don’t think that I’m only speaking for myself when I say that. The set list primarily consisted of the iconic tracks we all know and love: ‘Air Hostess,’ ‘Who’s David?,’ ‘Crashed The Wedding,’ ‘Thunderbirds Are Go,’ ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ and ‘What I Go To School For’. It was truly a throwback party. Fans also heard snippets from the new album. ‘Easy’ and ‘One of a Kind’ are set to a similar vibe as ‘Coming Home’ with even an appearance of a keytar at one point. Busted are back but do not expect to be welcomed with the old-school sound.

In saying that though, there were plenty of other fan favourites from both their self-titled and ‘A Present For Everyone’ albums played on both nights. ‘Falling For You,’ ‘Everything I Knew,’ ‘Meet You There,’ ‘Dawson’s Geek’ and ‘Why’ before an encore of ‘3am’ and one of the most popular cheesy throwback songs to grace the Earth, ‘Year 3000.’

If one thing can be taken from these shows, it’s that despite the jump from their late teens to their early 30s, these guys still own the stage as well as thousands of hearts. It’s been a long 12 years but it has certainly been worth the wait.

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