Gig review: The Symphonic Sounds of Back to Basics, Leeds

On a rainy night in Leeds, Back To Basics, in partnership with Leeds City Council, staged what ended up being one of the most euphoric, and unexpectedly joyous nights the city has ever seen.

The crowds certainly turned out in force, with the event selling out several days before, with a palpable sense of anticipation on the night throughout the city’s bars. 

But let me back-track and tell you a bit about the concept. 

Split into two parts, the main event saw the 50-piece orchestra – courtesy of the supremely talented Opera North – reworking and performing selected dance classics with a selection of live vocalists and special guests. 

Highlights included a spine tingling version of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love featuring none other than Leeds’ very own Corrine Bailey Ray, as well as dance legends Basment Jaxx making an appearance. But perhaps best of all was a magical re-workings of Daft Punk’s One More Time, which got everyone’s hands in the air.

Basics founder, Dave Beer, remained central throughout, and took to the microphone at the end, clearly emotional with the gravitas of what just happened.

When it was time to leave, everyone had smiles on their faces, no one complained about the (what turned out to be occasional) rain, and Basics achieved yet another milestone in it’s – ahem – storied life.


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