How to Find a Perfect Graduate Job

We have more graduates than ever in the history of modern education, a fierce competition, and a job market that is now based strictly on “survival of the fittest” model.

Do we have enough jobs opening to accommodate all? – Unfortunately, no.

If you want to narrow it down to quality high paying jobs, the options are more limited.

Simply put, graduating from a college or university is not enough to secure a good job. It may look tough to find a graduate job, but it is not impossible. If you have enough knowledge of the market, the employer needs and how to write a resume that can put you ahead of other competitors – you can always find yourself in a good position.

As the unemployment rate for graduates in declining, graduates today have a best chance to secure top jobs. But on the other hand, employers have a large pool of graduates to choose from that allows them to tailor requirements massively making it difficult to pass through.

Here are few tips that can help you find the better graduate job in 2017 by writing an influential resume.

Create Online Profiles

Employers are hunting for fresh talent online. Make sure you have professional online profiles on all major job portals.

Contact Recruitment Agencies

As these agencies survive on commissions paid for each vacancy filled, these are often the fastest way to find a job.

Apply for the Right Jobs

Do not get tired by applying for every job you can find online or in the newspaper. Make sure to apply for only those that fits your skills and passions. Except applying for big companies, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestlé etc., consider working as a freelancer. If you enjoy taking pictures, you can sell your photos on different websites (e.g., Society). If you are keen on writing, feel free to contact any custom writing service and work for them. Do you like coding? Become a programmer!

Bigger is not always Better

Another common mistake is pursuing only bigger companies. The perks and salary packages offered by some smaller startups can surprise you.

Writing a Quality Resume

A resume is your first introduction to your employer. Make sure you have following sections in your resume.

  • A comprehensive heading with personal details.
  • Tailor your objective statement according to the position you are applying.
  • Describe briefly your education history but avoid details for primary school.
  • Adding relevant work experience is always good.
  • List your additional skills other than education like programming languages, software, and even additional languages.
  • Get personalized by sharing your interests and other activities. Who knows you and your employers share the same interests.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not add a photo to resume.
  • It should be in perfect English without any typo or grammar mistake.
  • Lack of personalized content for that particular job, like submitting a generic resume.
  • Leaving out one of the basic sections mentioned above.
  • Do not use the decorative paper to write on.

You can further explore the latest infographic from HandMadeWritings that goes through the latest data and beyond. It reaches out to HR professionals to find out the secret key for the first-time graduate employment. In this infographic, you will learn how to formulate the resume that will be admired by employers.

We are sure with these simple tips – you can easily find a good graduate job, stay motivated and keep trying.

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