Graduating To Super Cook: Who Is The Next Student Cook Of The Year?

The 50-year evolution in student cooking hasn’t moved towards instant noodles and tinned baked beans as is often assumed, but to quinoa, quiche and balsamic salmon tray bake. Today’s student is more health conscious than ever and more creative with a budget!

To celebrate our country’s skilled, culinary undergraduates, LoSalt has launched its first ever ‘Student Cook of the Year’ competition and entries are now open.

“We’re keen to promote healthy eating and cooking habits across the generations,” says Caroline Klinge, Marketing Director of LoSalt, ”I went to Leeds University and regularly cooked nutritious meals for friends. Recipes like tomato, mozzarella and basil pasta bake are delicious and won’t break the bank.  By cooking from scratch, introducing colourful, fresh fruit and vegetables and using a healthier salt in their diet, every student can take a major step towards a healthier lifestyle and that’s beneficial for life.”

Until the 26th December 2016, foodie students can enter by posting a picture on Twitter or Instagram of a dish they have created, along with its name and the hashtag #LoSaltStudentCook or #LoSaltSCOTY. Entries will be judged on how healthy the dish looks and sounds. Alternatively entries can be posted directly to the LoSalt Student Cook of the Year webpage,

Those shortlisted will be set a challenge to create a delicious and healthy meal for four on a budget. Five lucky finalists will then be chosen to attend a ‘cook-off’ in London where they will cook against the clock and each other, preparing and making a set dish in front of a prestigious judging panel.

This year’s judges include the founder of Olive magazine and ex-BBC Good Food editor Orlando Murrin, celebrity student chef Sam Stern, ASDA’s innovative chef Mark Richmond and Fiona Beckett at The Guardian.

The winner will be crowned ‘Student Cook of the Year’ and win £1,000 in grocery vouchers!

“Student Cook of the Year must be one of the most worthwhile awards ever – the chance to encourage young people into the kitchen, and adopt healthy cooking and eating habits that will last a lifetime,” says Orlando, “I know it’s going to be fascinating to see what the students come up with, and I just know I’m going to come away with masses of new ideas and inspiration to try afterwards!”

Entrants can be of any age but must be currently studying at a UK university and have no professional cooking experience.

Based on entries from the 2015 Student Cook of the Year, the below Universities came out on top as home to the most culinary accomplished students.


For any queries or questions about Student Cook of the Year, please contact or visit for more information

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