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Without doubt we have all seen the perfect gift for our friend, something that screams their name, but often they come with price tags that make you want to scream! Being a student on a budget means you need to learn how to be savvy with your money, and presents are no exception – birthdays and Christmas are the perfect time to get creative with gifts which sometimes can turn out to be the perfect presents! The key to gift shopping on a budget is paying attention to little things that your friend may say; a hobby/interest, an author they love, their favourite cure for a sweet tooth or maybe they often feel homesick! All of these hints can lead to the creation of great gifts on a budget that your friends will adore!

If your friend is a complete film buff, why not put together a small bucket of sweets, popcorn and a film or two; with the aid of amazon and even closing down sales, DVDs are becoming increasingly cheaper. You can decorate and personalise this gift in hundreds of ways and it will show your friend that you really care. This idea can be transferred to a number of hobbies! If your friend enjoys baking, you could fill the bucket with the essentials they need and add something extra which will really make them smile.

Photo frames, collages or scrapbooks are also perfect presents! With the invention of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, people tend not to print out photos and display them anymore. Therefore this could be a great gift for a friend or loved one! This idea can also be themed in many different ways, for example, you may have returned from a group holiday and want to frame some of the best shots, or maybe you want to create a timeline with pictures of you and your friend! Another great idea is collecting pictures from your friend’s family; if you have noticed your friend tends to get homesick more than usual, creating a collage using pictures of their family, friends from home and even their pet could be a perfect way to cheer them up! Once again this is a really cheap idea but demonstrates that you listen and have put a lot of effort in.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous and creative, then making small pieces of jewellery for your fashionista friend can be a great gift idea! This sounds like it may be an expensive task, however it really isn’t! There are many shops and websites where you can buy everything you would need for this idea on a budget. Some might say ‘why not just buy a bracelet for the same price?’ but by making your own, you are giving your friend something unique and showing how much you care by putting personal effort in! This is definitely something that won’t go unappreciated.

Lastly if you are running out of time and getting desperate for an idea, then why not just bake a cake? You can decorate it however you like and is simple, cheap and delicious! How can anyone not appreciate a slice of cake!

For more great ideas and visuals of homemade and budget gifts, websites like Pinterest can be a source for great inspiration.


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    If your friend is into reading finding a book they enjoy can be really cheap: search carboots, charity shops and Ebay. You could give them a present they’ll enjoy for hours.

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