Sprout: Plant Your Pencil

Ever wondered what to do with your old pencils? Those that are too small to use but a shame to bin. That’s where the Sprout ‘Plant Your Pencil’ pencil collection is the perfect alternative. 

The kind folks at Sprout sent me a pack of these plantable pencils to review and they’re great. I received the Knockout Chilli pack with three different chilli plants of differing spice levels; Purira, Habanero and Red Cayenne. The pencils themselves are perfect to colour and draw with; soft, smooth and effortlessly moving across any type of paper. The magical part? At the end of the pencil, in a hidden capsule, are seeds. This means that when your pencils become too short to use, you simply plant it in the ground and within a couple of weeks, you’ve grown a beautiful plant of your choice.Habanero01 (4)-1

The pencils also have a great aesthetic. They’re quirky, eccentric and just generally different to everything else on the market. The writing is burnt onto the pencil which is really effective and easy to read. The Sprout pencil is 100% sustainable. It’s PEFC and FSC certified which means that as well as encouraging you to plant and grow, for every tree thats cut down in production, another tree is planted in its place.

Sprout Pencil in Pot-1

Whether you’re a herb-lover, flower-lover or vegetable-lover, this pencil is perfect for those with green fingers and makes a great gift! The only downside? It isn’t for those who like to chew on the end of pencils!

Check out the Sprout website, http://www.sproutworld.com/us/ , or visit their Instagram page for gardening inspiration instagram.com/sproutworld_pencil.

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