Gym Etiquette 101

From the changing rooms to the weight area, when it comes to gym etiquette there are a few dos and don’ts that everyone should follow.

Although most gyms have a basic code of conduct members must follow, I feel there are some points that should be added to the list – please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section if I have missed any.

1. Rack your weights! Your mum doesn´t work here, and nobody wants to tidy up after you. If you are strong enough to load the weights on, you´re strong enough to take them off.

2. Don´t use the squat rack for isolation exercises! Most gyms only have a couple of squat racks, so don´t hog them doing biceps curls and shrugs.

3. If you sweat a lot when you work out, please use a towel to wipe up after you are finished with the machine.

3. Making noises when lifting heavy is normal, but screaming like a monkey when you are doing triceps extensions is just silly.

4. Don´t disturb others in the middle of a set! Socialising in the gym can be nice, but not while you’re in the middle of a heavy set. So, if you want to join in on a machine or have a friendly chat – wait until they are having a break between sets.


5. Don´t occupy several machines and benches at the same time, especially during peak time.

6. Don´t drop your weights! If you have to slam the weights in the floor when you finish your set, they’re probably to heavy for you to handle in the first place.

7.  Respect the people around you! Remember that not everyone has got the same starting point or level of knowledge as you, and that people have different goals with their training.

8. Remember that you were a gym-newbie once! If you see someone who struggles with their technique or is new to the gym, asking if they would like some help in a non-judgemental and friendly manner is the right thing to do – not rolling your eyes.

9. If you work out with your partner, please don’t put people off with PDAs at the gym.

10. Don´t walk around the changing rooms naked any longer than necessary. There are towels. Use them.


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