Halloween 2014

If you say you hate Halloween then you’re either lying to yourself or lacking imagination. If it’s your first Halloween at university then you’re in for a treat. Your city will be full of events, whether it’s club nights, house parties or something completely different altogether – there is sure to be something on.


It’s time to get planning those costumes, you don’t want to get to 3 days before and be faced with the drag ends of the overpriced fancy dress shop or the £10 next day delivery because the online retailers know that you’ll pay it in a last minute flurry.

Whether you’re going for homemade or shop bought it really is time to get prepping. My personal favourite is a good old homemade costume, granted they always look terrible, but it’s the thought that counts.

What to do

Lets face it, we’re too old for trick or treating and we’d probably get given some funny looks if we tried.

If you’re heading out to a classic club night then get your tickets in now, if they haven’t already sold out. We experienced a huge disappointment when we found out that the night that we’ve been talking about for months has just completely sold out in the last 24 hours. That’s what a lack of preparation gets you.

If it’s a house party that you’ve got planned then you can’t go wrong with tin foil on the walls (our personal favourite). I don’t mean a half-hearted attempt either, we want to see tin foil from the ceiling to the floor, complimented with a black light or a strobe light.

The amount of Halloween decorations that you’ll find down at your local market is crazy so there is no excuse for a mediocre looking house when the bewitching hour begins.


A few little tips

1. If you’re heading out on a bar crawl or just down to the pub, be sure to steer clear of body paint. A lot of the quieter places are normally quite strict on the stuff and you don’t want to be turned away after spending 3 hours turning yourself into a human skeleton.

2. Taxis – it’s going to be one of the busiest nights of the year. It’s not only for students, but the locals will be on top form too so be sure to get your taxis booked earlier on in the day to avoid disappointment and the treacherously cold walk into town.

3. Don’t overestimate your abilities – I learnt this one the hard way last year. I had my costume planned before October had even arrived, I was going to be a creepy looking puppet. It was a logistical nightmare… how I thought I would be able to get two bits of wood to balance above my head and actually look good was beyond me. I ended up with string tied around two buns and it look pretty shit. So be sure not to overestimate your fancy dress abilities and maybe give your costume a test run before.

We’ll be posting a selection of our top costumes from last year nearer to the scarefest.

Photo Credit: LostMyHeadache: Absolutely Free * via Compfight cc

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