Halloween round-up

Halloween is here! It’s time to get the costumes ready and the house prepped for a party. Some of you eager beans will be more excited than Christmas morning, ready to don the homemade costume that you have been stressing over all week and collect the last few bottles of spray paint and body paint from town.

I wonder what will be the popular costume choices for this year. Last year we saw a string of Walter Whites and Miley Cyrus’ (I think you know which outfit I mean). Whilst the somewhat timeless sexy cat always made an appearance. Straying away from the characters, witches actually topped the most popular costumes for 2013 closely followed by Batman.


If you’re looking for last minute ideas you can never go wrong with a zombie, I’d be surprised if fancy dress shops had sold out of fake blood so all you need to do is rip some old clothing, make it look a bit dirty and splatter the fake blood all over your face and clothes… take some inspiration from the Walking Dead and you can’t go wrong.

Now is the time for drink ideas. One of my personal favourites for Halloween is Midori. If you haven’t heard of it before then you’re missing out. Midori is a melon liqueur of the bright green variety, perfect for a Halloween cocktail. If you mix it together with light rum, peach and lime juice then you’re in for a treat. The concoction turns a bright cloudy green colour, if you double the measures and stick it in a plastic cauldron it looks like the creepiest witches brew. The recipe is below:

Green Demon

· 25ml Midori

· 25ml light rum

· 25ml peach juice

· 10ml lime juice


Last minute drink ideas and costume ideas… if you haven’t decorated yet then what are you playing at? Run down to town, grab some fake cobwebs… maybe not a pumpkin at this point, we bought ours on Tuesday and it already had mouldy patches but have a Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: elsandero96 via Flickr

Photo Credit: city/human/life (off) via Compfight cc

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