Hammock Day

ID-100177013Your parents are always excited when you arrive home for summer. There are treats hiding in the cupboard, you get unlimited lifts to your friend’s houses and tea waiting on the table for you when you come back. An easy life!

That is, until the novelty wears off.

Once they start to cotton on to how easy you’re taking it and how much free time you have they realise this can be used to their advantage. An endless amount of chores including house work, gardening and errands to run are sent your way and if you moan you’re accused of being lazy.

Well, on July 22nd its national hammock day – a day of complete relaxation. Tell your parents that today you ( and them if they wish) have to relax, chill out and not move unless it’s to grab a snack or drink.


Many of you might not have a hammock but you can always improvise. If it’s hot then use a picnic blanket or sun bed to lie on in the garden. Or, if it’s raining like it usually does in Britain then just relax in the house and encourage your parents to do so with you so that they can’t accuse you of being idle.

Any excuse for a relaxed, care-free day sounds good to me.


Photo courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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