Hangovers – who wants them?

592621654_8a63a2b83aNight after night you wake up head pounding and stomach churning. And every time you repeat the same words “I’m not drinking again!”

That’s a hangover for you.

But after a day of suffering you all end up doing it all over again. So how can you really avoid those dreadful hangovers?

1. Always line your stomach

That doesn’t mean grab the nearest chocolate bar. This means have a proper meal. Or grab a glass of milk. It helps absorb the alcohol slower allowing you to drink for longer.

2. Alternate drinks

Every few drinks have a glass of water. This might sound boring but as the night continues you become more thirsty. But less face it, no one wants to drink water on a night out, so remember to drink water before bed.

3. Avoid caffeine

We all thought drinking coffee would sober us up. It may give you a lift in the morning but it actually dehydrates you causing you to have an upset stomach.

4. Bland food

If you’re feeling sick, eating bland foods like dry toast and biscuits help. So make sure your fully stocked on the biscuit front.

5. Use dehydration sachets

Yes they are normally used when treating diarrhoea but this will help you recover quicker than water alone. It replaces any lost body salt. Drink one before you go bed and one in the morning.

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Laura Ward

I'm a second year student at Southampton Solent University. I have a love for writing, chocolate and cake!

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