Have you considered an emergency phone?

We’re a generation obsessed with technology. You may not class yourself as a tech lover, but us students use technology everyday. If you’re anything like me, you’ll use it ALL day everyday.

There’s never a moment my phone is not in my hand, seriously. I may not constantly be using it, but I like to have it close. Incase of emergency phone call, tweet or snapchat (yes, you can get an emergency snapchat). 

Now, on a night out is no different. Selfies at pre drinks are a priority over phone battery, snapchatting the hilarious things your friends do in the taxi is essential and drunkenly screaming down the phone to the housemate with the only key to our house when you’ve lost them at the bar must be done.

None of this bears well when you’ve had your trusty old iphone for a year and a half and it dies at 40%. Student Wire may have found the answer – with a little help from Three and Microsoft Lumia 350 we realised that an emergency phone for a night out is every freshers best friend. 

Three SIM

For Freshers week 2015, Student Wire trialled a Microsoft Lumia 350 with a £10 pre-paid SIM only Three SIM card and what a God send it was. The phone saved me when I found myself alone in the queue for the toilets and when I was desperate for my bed but there wasn’t a taxi in site. 

Beforehand, I’d never considered taking an emergency phone out with me. Now I’d recommend it to anyone – especially university students. As well as being amazingly handy for capturing the last few hours of your night out, an emergency phone is definitely a sensible option. Safety on University campus’ and City’s has never been more important, so make sure you’re armed with the ability to contact your friends and family at all times. 


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