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Currently around the world millions of news threads are trending and there have been some big stories lately that have had an impact on millions of readers and viewers worldwide. Looking at a few of the top most trending and current news headlines this month has been very interesting and informative to say the least, so take a look at five of the major headlines that have bombarded our newspapers and swept across media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.




 The momentous and legendary treaty was conducted and finally passed today. This treaty prevents states from exporting weapons that would be used for acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and prevents weapons entering the black market.

 One group that is especially joyous about the treaty is Amnesty International; they have been continuously supporting the Arms Trade Treaty for a long period of time.
Now that the treaty is passed, they believe that the work they put into changing the minds of influential people through their innovative campaigns has paid off. So what did the votes total at in the end? Well, UN member states voted 154 to 3, with 23 abstentions, of which China and Russia were two that abstained from voting, which is not really a surprise as they are the 2nd and 3rd biggest exporters of weapons in the world.



 Another highly read and discussed headline in the news is the growing tension between rivals South Korea and its adjoining neighbour, North Korea. North Korea is a reclusive, closed off country and it is no secret that North Korea has piled on the threats of a nuclear war, and with growing tensions between the two countries many fear this could become a frightening reality.

  On Saturday 30th March North Korea announced that they were entering a state of war with South Korea. As a result of this, on Sunday the US sent a series of stealth fighters to South Korea. All this apprehension for the upcoming series of events has got most of the world talking and in some parts worrying about the current state of warfare which is set to commence.



 We all remember taking our dreaded GCSE’s, and now changes are being made to the examinations in England which could leave girls at a steep disadvantage.
This pending decision has led to it becoming one of the most talked about headlines since it first was announced around a week ago. Instead of the current GCSE’s which are made up of smaller units, such as coursework and exams, there are plans to change the system so that the examinations are final, eliminating coursework or projects.

 So why a change in the way pupils are tested? Data has previously shown that females tend to outperform males in GCSEs and have apparently done so for more than 20 years.  Many people are disheartened by this new pledge as concerns for how well girls do in their exams will most likely fall as they are less likely to do well in exams as data has shown.



 A new initiative idea to map the brain has been proposed by Barack Obama, President of the United States. He announced a $100m investment to help show how the brain works and give insight into diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
This amazing investment into the way in which we will be able to foresee and learn more about illnesses will be revolutionary and the project will be carried out by both public and private-sector scientists meaning that it will be available to everyone from all walks of life.

 The project is set to be called ‘Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies’ or ‘BRAIN’ for short.



 Everybody has seen a funny YouTube video involving a cat at some stage, whether it be keyboard cat or nyan cat. This August, in Minnesota, USA, they are holding their second ever festival dedicated to online videos of cats!
The festival was such a big hit last year that it is being held for a second year running and set to make roots in New York and Brooklyn as well!

So if you’re a dedicated cat lover or a serious lover of funny internet viral sensations involving cats then I suggest you make your way to Minnesota to see this cute and hilarious festival that they have planned.

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