Healthy pancakes…yes you heard right!

February is upon us, and if you’re single, like me, you’ll be counting down the days when companies stop promoting Valentine’s Day and the most important day of the month arrives…Pancake Tuesday! 

But, there is a way to enjoy your pancakes and still stick to your New Years fitness resolutions! In fact, I love these so much that I eat them daily! 


Two eggs

Half a banana 

Coconut Oil 

Protein Powder (I’ve found that chocolate is the best) 



1. Break two eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk together 

2. Heat up half a banana in the microwave. Mush the heated banana into the bowl and whisk again

3. Add in two scoops of protein powder (this is because I like my pancakes really chocolatey!) 

4. Heat a pan with coconut oil and cook your pancakes like normal! 


The fun comes in the shape of toppings…blueberrries, chocolate, fudge, honey, Nutella, marshmallows…

I promised the pancakes would be healthy, not the toppings! 


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