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ID-100123071So, you’ve just received your letter, or you’ve battered the refresh button on UCAS to check your results and you’ve found out you’re heading to University in September. Congratulations! But what happens next?

The thought of going to University can be daunting but it is also extremely exciting, meeting new friends and studying something you are good at and hopefully enjoy. Naturally there will be fears and questions you may have and you’re not sure who you can talk to….

Students are a great resource! They may look scary and have the title of ‘3rd year’ but really, they’ve all been through the same emotions and feelings as you! They can know a lot of what’s going on and offer some great advice. That’s what Student Wire is here for, if you are looking for answers to specific questions, please feel free to write to and you’ll probably find that a whole load of people are thinking the same thing as you and are also unsure who to ask.

There are a huge variety of articles here on Student Wire, from house-hunting to travelling and maybe you’ve followed these but you’re unsure where to go next, maybe you are trying to deal with an argument in your house, which could be as simple as bill problems or being worried about becoming homesick. As a student myself I’ve been through it all and I want to help, by offering the best advice and solutions I can.

Never be afraid to ask.

If you are unwilling for your question to be posted on the website then please specify in your email. Names do not have to be used but it would be nice to add a location if you are willing. All confidentiality is respected.


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