Hey, it’s okay… To be a student!

ID-10058807Student life can be tough. Those 3 years pass by in a flash so make the most of it and don’t worry. After all, it’s okay to…
…to stay in bed till 2pm. As students we need a lot of sleep to make up for all the *ahem* studying.
…to go out 7 nights in a row. Think of it as networking, meeting all those drunk people and making 10 new best friends a night. Plus think of the exercise you can get from shaking your booty on the dance floor the whole night!


…to spend your whole loan in the first 2 weeks. Tesco doesn’t make 17p noodles for no reason.
…to leave all your work till the night before the deadline. (Maybe not EVERY time..)


…not have a job at uni. Treasure the time off, it’s a 9-5 shaped downward spiral once you graduate.
…to ask every single shop you visit for student discount. That 10% off makes the whole shopping trip seems worthwhile! (also check out McDonalds, free burger or fries with your student card!)
…spend 24 hours straight in the library. It’s warm, it has computers and after 3 essays and a ton of coffee it’s probably best if you just stay there.


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