Holiday tips to survive that long flight

 So you’ve booked that holiday you’ve been waiting for since the start of the year. You’ve packed your suitcase and organised your flight tickets. What’s next? Packing your carryon bag for the airplane. You’ve sorted out your suitcase but have no idea what to pack into your bag. Here are a few holiday must have ideas that may help you with your journey.



We all want to look fresh for when we walk off the plane so why not pack a few essentials to help you looking your best. The main things to take would be concealer for those important touch ups and mascara for making your eyes pop out and look fresh. Just remember, each item has to be 100ml or less. Also limit to what you take as some airports are fussy on the amount of 100ml products you take. If you’re unsure there are also sample sizes. Just remember to pack a mirror.



When you’ve been on a plane for over 6 hours you start to smell a bit. So take some deodorant in order to stay fresh and a little bit clean.



Headphones are very important. Sometimes you get charged for headphones given by the airline and you know they’re going to be cheap. So pop a pair into your bag in order to listen to some music or to watch a film. Perfect for entertainment.


Paracetamol/Travel sickness tablets:

Some of you may hate flying as it may give you a headache or you feel sick after the first two hours. Make sure you take some travel sickness tablets two hours before flying and have some paracetamol handy for the journey.



If you’re on the flight and do not fancy watching the selected film or you just want some peace and quiet be sure to take a book or a magazine as it will keep you entertained.



If you board the plane in just a t-shirt make sure you pack a cardigan or a light jacket as most flight journeys you will become cold. Or maybe you could use it as a blanket for that all-important nap.


Chewing gum/Mints:

So you’ve been on the plane for over a few hours and your breath is starting to smell a bit funky. Pack some chewing gum or mints to keep your breath smelling fresh.


Wet wipes:

You may want to use these to clean your hands after a meal in case the guy next to you is asleep and you cannot get to the toilet. Or you may want to use them in case you feel a bit sticky and want to freshen up. Doesn’t matter if you wash off your make-up as you can re-apply with the products you have in your bag.


Blow up pillow:

You feel tired and you want to sleep. As well as using your cardigan or light jacket as a blanket you also want to cushion your head. Buying a blow up pillow can save room in your bag and be useful for when you want a nap. Blow up pillows can be bought from Amazon, Ebay or any shopping centres ranging between £2-£10.

Once you’ve read these simple ideas, they seem pretty obvious. As long as you don’t forget any of them, your flight will never be boring, sticky or a pain again.

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Laura Ward

I'm a second year student at Southampton Solent University. I have a love for writing, chocolate and cake!

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