How to bust the Term 2 Blues

Christmas is well and truly over. The left over food has been eaten and New Years resolutions have been made and probably already been broken. Plus, you are going back to university after a few weeks in a lovely warm house with all your family. Sounds fun right? 

Term 2 is always busy. The diary is filling up nicely with deadlines, meetings and the occasional social gathering, not to mention trying to figure out what you are going to do with your insanely long summer, let alone after graduation. I am nearly two weeks into term and am already feeling the ‘Term 2 Blues’. So here are some quick tips on how to spice up the first few weeks of second term.

Join a new society

Didn’t join a society term 1 or want to try something new, do it! Try out a new sport, a new hobby and get out there and meet some people. Don’t worry about everyone knowing each other, get in there and have a great time. You may meet some really cool people with the same interests as you. 


Have a room move around. Get some new posters, hang up some new fairy lights. Even just a new set of bedding can change the look of a room. 


Write down all your deadlines in a diary, on your phone or on your wall. The whiteboard sheet on my wall is getting a lot of love with the amount of arrows I have pointing towards my big deadlines. 

Take some ‘me’ time

Remember to have a break. University can be stressful and it’s important to sit back and remember to relax. Take a night off and watch your favourite episodes of Friends, or have a film night. 

Don’t give up! 

Before you know it, university will be over. Work hard and Play hard. Strive to make this term the one which you work the hardest and have the most fun.

How are you dealing with your Term 2 Blues? 

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