How to deal with 5 problems as a university student

As a high school senior, you couldn’t wait to move out of school and jump right into college but now when the day has come, you are faced with a plethora of emotions. Yes, making the transition to university is an exciting yet challenging phase.

This new stage in life is all about coping with change and adapting to a completely new environment. While it may be difficult initially, by the end of your course, you are sure to leave as a more enriched and responsible person.

Even though you can never be prepared enough for what university life throws at you, here are 5 common problems faced by students and ways you can deal with them.

Problem #1: Academic stress

Let’s face it – there is a lot of hand-holding that happens in school but the same cannot be said about university. In university, apart from exams, you will also need to deal with essays, projects, research papers, practical assignments and extra-curricular activities. Moreover, there are a lot of expectations from your university grades as they set the foundation for your career choices.

The most effective way to approach academic stress is to plan your tasks well by setting deadlines and managing priorities. If you feel stuck or lost, don’t hesitate to ask for external help. For example, you can always get a writing service to help you with your writing assignments while you tackle the other tasks in hand. This will save you time and stress!

Problem #2: Financial pressure

Did you know that nearly 70% of college students are stressed about managing finances, as per a national survey conducted? From meeting tuition expenses to housing, food, books and other miscellaneous ones – financial pressure is a common cause of anxiety in university students. Yes, it sure is terrible living in the fear of debt while trying your best to make ends meet.

So, how do you beat financial pressure before it sabotages your life? Start with a budgeting exercise and putting together all your fixed and variable expenses. Stick to that budget and keep a track of your spends.

However, it’s not just about meeting daily expenses, you need to also make it a point to save for a more secure future. So, start saving today and make smart choices.

Problem #3: Choosing a major

Economics, marketing, accounts, human resources and the list goes on – you just cannot seem to decide what you wish to major in and that ends with beating yourself over being so confused!

Well, you aren’t alone. Choosing a major in college is a cause of stress for many students because that is what sets the foundation for your career path.

Start with shortlisting the subjects that interest you and the kind of work you see yourself doing. Once you have a fair idea, attend career events, seek help from a professional career counselor and even speak to seniors who can help you get more clarity.

It is also a good idea to take up a few courses and test waters, so you know what you enjoy doing. Most importantly, don’t fear a change in mind in future. It is absolutely alright to switch paths if you feel it’s not working out for you. Remember that nothing goes waste, it is all part of the journey.

Problem #4: Making friends

It’s not easy to stay away from home and leave your family and school friends behind but university is a new chapter and along with focusing on academics, you must invest time in making friends and meaningful connections.

Whether it’s joining clubs, attending freshers’ events, going for trips or even hanging out in common areas, you must get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Everyone is on the same boat as you so the least you can do is be nice and helpful and you are bound to attract like-minded people.

Problem #5: Health

In between managing academics, extra-curricular activities, juggling domestic duties and sometimes even a part-time job to meet expenses, what often goes unnoticed and taken for granted is your health. Nothing matters if you are not in the best of health, so you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Carry a bottle around and drink lots and lots of water. Have your meals on time and keep healthy snacks with you in case you get hungry between meals. Get enough sleep so you wake up refreshed and indulge in physical activity such as sports, dance classes, cycling or any other that interests you to keep your stress levels at bay.

Written content courtesy of Adela Belin.

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