How to get into teaching

Teaching is a profession many people give up their current careers for. It’s a job that requires perseverance, hard work and a passion for encouraging and improving future generations experience of the world. So, with this in mind, just how do you get into teaching if you’re planning training with a career change in mind?

One of the most common ways to train as a teacher, after previous employment, is to enrol on a School Direct Training Programme. This route allows you to work in a school environment as an unqualified teacher, while earning a salary.

There is nothing to pay to complete the programme and at the end you will finish with a Qualified Teacher Status. The main requirement to gain a place on a training programme is that you must have a degree, three years of employment experience and the ability to pay for fees if you do wish to study for an academic qualification on top of your training, such as a PGCE.

Usually this course will result in a teaching position at the school you trained at but if not there are plenty of specialist job sites out there, such as Edustaff, that offer a range of routes into teaching, including work-based foundation training.

If you prefer the idea of studying in a university environment, with time spent in the classroom as a practical exercise, then a PGCE with a Qualified Teacher Status as a result is a good choice. Of course you will need to account for fees and lack of salary during the year spent training but it is a route that allows you to really learn the curriculum and rules and regulations that come with teaching inside out, on top of classroom experience.


Many people believe that classroom experience is the best option but having the option to really study the background behind teaching could be considered a better way of ensuring you become a fully rounded and competent teacher.

While a PGCE is the most common route taken, School Direct is definitely the best choice for those looking for a career change, mainly because you get paid as you train so there should be no need to seek financial help or make any drastic lifestyle changes. If you’re still wondering what options are out there for you take this quick quiz on the UCAS website which reveals what would be the best route for you.

Whatever route you choose, just remember at the end of it all you will be an inspiration for students who will go on to have an impact on the world we live in – it’s a big job but there are so many of us who should give up those long office jobs for a role that is much more rewarding.

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