How to hinder a hangover


It’s all old news isn’t it? Hangovers cause us to vow to never repeat the exact routine we still choose to perform weekend after weekend; drink like a King one day, suffer what feels like a near death experience the next. Those of us partial to a libation or ten know that we have always done this to ourselves and will most likely continue to do so into adulthood. Besides the ever worsening nature of the morning after struggle to look forward to, it’s no wonder we question our decisions from the night before, whilst hunched over a lavatory pan, lost in an abyss of utter self-loathing.

Yet would you believe that there are in fact ways to lessen a hangover from manifesting in our internal organs like germs on a dodgy leftover kebab? Ways that when taken on board really aren’t that difficult to follow, even when you’re knee deep in the student union’s finest ales and spirits?

As with everything a night on the lash has a beginning, middle and end which must be considered in a bid to soften the blow of any eventual suffering. In preparation for a big fat bender studies have revealed pasta, pizza and ice cream to be the three top hangover preventative food stuffs to be consumed. Clearly this discovery justifies how the half-Italian stallions of MTV’s Jersey Shore fame managed to handle all those piss ups far better than their Geordie counterparts!

For fear of sounding patronising and indeed hypocritical I’ll only briefly mention the importance of moderation without varying your drink of choice too widely throughout the evening. Although I feel a particular mention should be made to all vodka orange lovers. One would not drink eight glasses of ‘Tropicana Freshly Squeezed’ one after the other during the day in a bid to avoid any kind of ‘tummy troubles’. Therefore how on earth does one expect to feel after drinking exactly that, only this time each one mixed with a strong measure of alcohol? Difficult though it may seem, considering what you choose to drink in the broad light of day can provide some clarity with regards to any ‘I hate my life’ sensations we experience the morning after!

However it is as the evening draws to a close that we enter a period where the most imperative of decisions are made. From experience I can soundly advise that crashing into your bed upon arrival does not bode well for the next day; waking up fully clothed, confused and repulsed by the smell and taste of tequila isn’t a pleasant experience.

Opting for snacks primarily made up of carbohydrates, washed down with several pints of water, followed by brushing your teeth and clearing all remnants of any bedroom pre-drinks just before bedtime will only ease the vigour of what’s yet to come.

And when it does make an appearance, which we all know despite our best efforts always will to an extent, it is without doubt that the initial stages of a hangover aren’t best spent alone. A problem shared is a problem halved. Whether that means having all your friends round to stay, hoping your other half, for the evening or otherwise, will show at least a little sympathy or even lamenting to a sibling over breakfast, waking up alongside company to bear some of the burden and recall comical events from the night will hopefully prevent anyone from being alone with their waves of illness, disappointment and regret, namely as they view their most recent text and call log.

In short, it’s no secret that hangovers are here to stay. You are what you sip, shot and down in ten seconds and as a result we must all power through whatever the next day throws at us whether it be violent shakes, violent vomiting or even more violent realisation! However steps can be taken that although don’t promise to completely thwart what we all fear most at sunrise on a Sunday, certainly aim to act as a tranquiliser to such a stinging side effect of something that brings so many of us pure unadulterated joy, here’s to next weekend!

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