How to improve your ‘bad birthday’

For us students, birthdays are the chance to ask for all those luxuries are student loan hasn’t stretched to – a new watch or those boots you’ve been longing for. However, lets all bare in mind those less fortunate than us, Birthdays in December and January have the misfortune of choosing 2 presents at once, being told repeatedly “your birthday being by Christmas must be awful” and dealing with the depressing weather.

New research from Interflora shows that people born in December (16%) and January (15%) are very unhappy with their birthdays, compared with those born in the other 10 months of the year. In fact, a massive 63 per cent of people claim their ‘big day’ is often forgotten by friends and family among the season’s festivities.

Now, Steven Duggan – party planning extraordinaire and the creative genius behind premier boutique agency, Steven Duggan Events – is working with the flower experts on a new campaign to celebrate these ‘forgotten birthdays’ and make sure they’re always remembered. Here, Steven gives his the top five tips for making sure your birthday is too good to be overlooked

From creating the perfect party, to making sure all of the best people are there, organising birthdays can be a minefield – especially if you have what’s known as a ‘bad birthday’. Nobody is able to choose their special day, but if they could, statistics say it would probably be a summer celebration (49%).

Good friends will always remember to think of those with a less fortunate birthday but there’s no getting away from the distractions of the winter months; from the Christmas preparations and New Year’s Eve celebrations of December to January’s resolutions and financial pressures.

So, how can you make a ‘bad’ birthday the best it can be? Based on Interflora’s survey of 1,500 people, here are things you can do to make sure your celebration is never forgotten.

  1. Plan ahead

Everyone wants to host the perfect birthday party, and planning is extremely important, especially if you’re a winter baby. If your birthday falls in December or January, ensure plans are made in late November, or even before, to give guests ample time to plan ahead and gather funds for your night out. Get your date in diaries well ahead of the Christmas party season and with time for your friends and family to put money aside for an extra celebration.


  1. Get social

I’d recommend using social media to keep people informed of your plans, as a lot of people will be using online communication over the Christmas period while spending time with family. In major cities such as London, people tend to escape from the hustle and bustle and visit their hometown, switching off from work and their social life, so good social media communication is key.


  1. Beat the festive fever

Those with birthdays around Christmas time face the biggest challenge of all, getting guests to attend when they are either with family, finishing work for the holidays or pre-occupied with the infamous Christmas party. If your birthday does come around at this time of the year, remember that ‘it is what you make of it’ and should still be a time of celebration.


There are many fun things to do around Christmas that are unique, and unlike the Christmas celebrations we know. If you are having a party, why not change the theme to something tropical like a ‘Tiki party’ or something colourful like ‘Alice in Wonderland’? This will be a complete contrast to what people would expect around this festive period, making it exciting for guests to attend a big bash that is in the middle of a world of winter wonderland themes. Create a contrast, with a sense of fun and your birthday will never be forgotten!


  1. It’s the thought that counts

When you receive your presents, don’t be put off if they are wrapped in Christmas paper. It’s that time of the year when people don’t have as much money due to the festivities – just remember it’s the thought that counts.


  1. Make other plans

And if you feel you just can’t compete, treat yourself to something a little different (and a lot special). Why not take advantage of your wonderful “off-peak” birthday by celebrating abroad? You could even invite a selection of close friends or family too. Book the hotel at the top of your list, and it will be a birthday that you will never forget.

For information about Interflora’s birthdays campaign, survey results and to rate your birthday with the special app, go to: >

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