Advice for staying safe on nights out

Night Out - PressmasterGoing on a night out is meant to be a fun experience, to blow off some steam with your friends and to let the night take you wherever it may however on a night out things can go wrong very quickly, especially if you’re a girl. A little while ago I had my own experience of this and it really hit home how easy it is to get into harms way.

On a night out I stepped out of a club for a moment or two because it was too warm inside. I had mentioned to my friends where I was going however most of them had had a lot to drink by this point. Once I stepped outside, I moved out of the way of the queue and that is when a guy grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me away with him! Luckily I was sober enough to pull away and got myself safely into a taxi. Though I was lucky that time, my story could have ended completely differently if I had been drunk or if he had become more forceful. You can’t help the fact that there are bad people out there who go out to prey on young girls but there are things you can do to keep yourself safe; and these are things I now follow to the letter.

  • Firstly always have a plan of where you are going; therefore if you do lose your friends you have a place to meet up or make sure you have your house key on you so if you need to go home you can.
  • Also plan who you are getting home with and how; never wait for your taxi alone at the end of the night! This is most likely when you are at your most vulnerable and someone is likely to attack.
  • Always have your mobile phone on you, this way you’ll be able to contact friends, family or if in an emergency the police. Also make sure that your friends know where you are before you walk off on your own; even if you are just going to the toilet! If possible ask a friend to go with you, there is safety in numbers and someone is less likely to attack, this is clearly the fundamental mistake that I made when stepping out of the club.
  • Try to keep some spare change separate from your purse, that way if someone steals your purse you are still able to make your way home.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged, has credit on it and has the local taxi service saved into it. This way you’ll be able to keep in contact with your friends if you do lose them or if you are in an uncomfortable situation you’ll be able to get to a safe place
  • If you are traveling home alone in a taxi or on public transport alone do not fall asleep! You’ll be marked as an easy target, if you are struggling to stay awake ring a friend and speak to them until you reach your destination.
  • Carrying a personal security device may also help in situation where you are confronted by an attacker, when panicked we can sometimes lose our ability to scream for help but a system like this emits a large painful noise which will either attract help or scare the attacker off.

But lastly, never let the fear of crime restrict your freedom to go out and enjoy life, whether it’s a night on the town or travelling at home or abroad. Also remember even though girls are more vulnerable and likely targets; boys are not immune to being confronted and these are universal tips for anyone to stay safe!

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