How to Survive Sharing a Kitchen

ID-100151572Your first year of university can be daunting for many reasons, one of which could be that you’ll be sharing a flat with several random strangers. Sharing the limited kitchen resources can put a strain on any newly formed friendships so here’s how to survive it.

1. Do your washing up

Don’t leave it festering on the side and taking up all the space. Get into the habit of washing up, drying it and putting it away as soon as you’ve finished dinner. Your flatmates will thank you and you’ll be setting a good example.

2. Ask before borrowing

Somebody else might have that vital bit of kitchen equipment that you don’t have. Ask them before you use it, wash it up when you’ve finished. And if you happen to accidentally break it, offer to pay for a new one.

3. Don’t steal food

The ins and outs of this one will depend on your flat. For example, your flatmates might be fine with you borrowing a pinch of salt or a splash of milk every now and then but don’t just take items of food without express permission. If you steal other people’s food, prepare to have them steal yours.

  1. Share tasks out equally

You don’t necessarily need a rota pinned to the wall but if you realise you’ve not taken the bin out for a while then do it next time it’s full. Some university halls of residence provide cleaners but make sure you’re all keeping the kitchen clean in between visits. If you have to provide your own cleaning equipment then have a money pot for it and all contribute equally.

  1. Don’t be a hob-hogger

Chances are your flatmates will have a routine about when they eat. So if you know that several of them like to start cooking at 6.30pm, don’t choose then to make a three course meal for yourself using all the hobs. It probably won’t go down well.

  1. Don’t just turn the oven off

You might come in to the kitchen and discover the oven on. Before you turn it off  just check someone’s not warming it up for their dinner. They’ll be annoyed when they have to start again from a cold oven or wait for you to finish.

Sharing a kitchen is just one of the challenges thrown at you by university life, follow these rules and chances are you’ll all still be friends at the end of the year.


Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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