How to turn your media degree into a media job

Getting on the right track!

Did your parents warn you against taking a media degree? Bet they said you’d never get a proper job. They might have had a point. You’re one of thousands of students taking a media degree every year. At the end of it you want a job in the creative industries because that’s what you love and that’s what you’re good at, but it’s not going to be easy.

You need to make your work stand out from the crowd and your lecturers have probably told you that what makes the difference between “meh” and “wow” is often the music. Great, but how can you do that when professional quality music is so expensive and using it legally so complicated?

Well, you could write your own but, if you were good at that, you wouldn’t be on this course. You could go ahead and use your favourite track but that’s not legal or right. We live in a world where music is perceived to be free but music creators have the right to be properly paid for their work. After all, when your work’s out in the world, you’ll expect to get the credit and rewards, won’t you? No, you need the right music at the right price and it needs to be legal and fair. You want to promote yourself with your head held high and, crucially, not get prosecuted.

That’s why Ben Clasper, co-founder of Rogo Scott Music, decided he wanted to start a business that nurtured the next generation of talent, i.e. you. After one of those “if only we’d known then what we know now” conversations, Ben and his colleague and co-founder, James Wilkinson, decided they wanted to break down the barriers for young people in creative areas of media like film, videos games and ads.

Rogo Scott Music, is a unique commercial music library. Passionate about education, they’ve worked with composers and music owners who share that passion to give students a unique offering – professional quality music for a fraction of the normal cost.

But, it’s not just about the music, Rogo Scott Music want to pass on their experience too. The area of rights and licensing is ever more complicated and confusing, no wonder courses focus on the academic rather than the practical. Rogo Scott Music want to help teach you how the industry really works and they want to ensure that students like you have a far greater chance of ending up in media industries than you do now. They’ll offer lectures on the business of media to colleges and run articles on their website demystifying the professional music production process. What they don’t know about the real world of copyright and licensing isn’t worth knowing and they want to pass it on to you.

Rogo Scott Music are also hoping to set up their own film awards. Prizes could be scholarships or sponsorships and they’re talking to their media partners about making that a reality.

What you really need when you’re just starting out with your shiny new degree is contacts; Rogo Scott Music plan to share those with you too. They want to help students find work placements or internships so they can make the step from media degree to media job.

Rogo Scott Music have over two thousand hand-picked tracks covering every mood and style imaginable. It’s a new business and businesses want to make money but they remember where they came from and that everyone has to start somewhere. Rather than pull the ladder up after them, Rogo Scott Music want to give you a hand up.

Look at their website and make sure your professors have a look too. They might just give you your first break in proving your parents wrong.

For a limited time* Rogo Scott Music are offering all studentwire readers 10% off the annual subscription sign up today using discount code student10

* offer ends 31st March 2016

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