Hydration is key!

ID-10091765When the sun comes out, the first thing we do is grab our smallest swimsuit and head out to catch some rays. In the midst of all the excitement, it is easy to forget that our body is not used to dramatic change of temperatures. It only takes a loss of around 1-2% of your body’s ideal water content to cause dehydration, so imagine what your body is going through in this heat! Sunstroke, dizziness and fever are not to be messed around with, so here are some other benefits of keeping your water intake high during the summer:


  • It is the best cure for problem skin – Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day helps flush out the toxins in your body which are the cause for troublesome skin. This is ideal for long summer days at the beach where your skin can dry out easily. Keeping hydrated helps your body on the inside and out!


  • Iced water relieves nausea – Struggling after a heavy night out? Sip on some iced water, as ice is denser than water, it will hydrate you 10x faster than a normal glass of water, without being too heavy on the stomach. This will naturally relieve nausea.


  • A natural appetite suppressant? – People who are struggling with summer diets could find that water helps if you are craving certain foods. 80% of the times you think you are hungry, it is actually your thirst drive, so have a glass of cold water and wait for 10 minutes. Bikini bod in no time!


So fill up your glass before you go lie in the sun, and if you find plain water too boring to drink, then add some mint leaves or a squeeze of lemon and lime – a healthy summer cocktail in an instant! Happy sunning!


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