I’m a Celebrity… It’s a jungle out there

Amid the bugs, wild animals and foliage of the Australian forest, ten celebrities are stranded in the jungle battling for their survival. If you’re not a big fan of TV, I am referring to none other than ITV’s I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here. It’s the reality show that has swept across the nation, demanded its own Twitter hashtag and claimed the front pages of both The Mirror and The Sun since this season began on November 16th. Only a mere two weeks in, TOWIE star Gemma Collins and actor Craig Charles have left the jungle, and was replaced by a former politician and X-factor star. Celebrities have had to battle the elements of insects, unpredictable weather and a scarcity of food, all the while conquering their individual fears and facing abnormal challenges. But I can’t help but wonder; haven’t we seen it all before?

One may argue that I’m a Celebrity is the same script with a different cast, and its running out of ideas. Indeed there have been minor changes in the episodes, but the concept is still basically the same- go swallow this disgusting part of an animal and try not to be sick or go crawl into this container filled with roaches, rats, snakes and slime. So why do we continue to sit in front of our television sets every night to watch this 14th season of the show?

Personally, I appreciate Ant and Dec’s humour. To me they give the show some character, along with the celebrities in the jungle. Do I get tired of watching variations of the same trial? Sure. Do I get tired of the celebrity’s reactions to when they are actually completing the trial? Indeed not. Every celebrity is different; some are reserved while others are downright hilarious. It is understandable how some persons can become bored with I’m a Celebrity. Hopefully the producers try to change it up a bit before they think about filming another season.

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