Inspirational And Innovative Products Of 2016

With the advance in technology becoming ever prominent, we need to take a moment to appreciate the inspirational and innovative products of the year so far.


Firstly, we should congratulate Medisieve for being a finalist in the Best Start-up Medtech Company Award in the OBN Awards 2016. Secondly, I should explain who they are and why they are so marvellous.

Medisieve are the company behind the groundbreaking magnetic sieve that removes malaria-infected blood cells from the bloodstream. That means that Mediesieve is the first treatment to severe and drug-resistant malaria. Using this new medical tech, you can only imagine how many million people can be saved from malaria every year!


The Yoropen by Pen heaven is also an award-winning product, cleverly designed with an extra 21*kink for extra finger support. Avoiding strain in this way makes this pen the perfect design for those suffering with arthritis, RSI, Parkinson’s and rheumatism.

The pen was actually designed by a loving father for his daughters who struggled to write because of their cerebral palsy. The pen can be bought for £3 here.


The new Re-Kanken aims to add that extra care to the environment that other fashion companies seem to lack. Their new products now contain 95% recycled materials (1 yarn and 11 bottles) and will be created using 75% less water, 67% less chemicals and 39% less energy.

Fjallraven have also shown compassion towards the earth, with their Save The Arctic Fox campaign proving a huge success. Their new bags show that fashion really can care and other fashion companies need to take note of this. Hopefully this is the start of something amazing within the fashion industryQ


XSTAT is medical marvel for those that are involved in serious gunshot or shrapnel accidents. Used mainly on the battlefields, the new XSTAT works by injecting a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound using a syringe-like applicator. In the wound, the sponges expand and swell to fill the wound cavity within 20 seconds of contact with blood. This creates a temporary barrier to blood flow and provides the perfect amount of pressure to temporary stop bleeding, allowing the wounded to be safely transported to hospital. 

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