They’ve done it again. Lomography have brought out a simple use film camera, offering analogue madness at our disposal!


Students, you seriously need to get your hands on one of these. Summer is slowly creeping up on us, so why not get your hands on these pocket sized film disposable cameras to spice up your summer pics?


With pre-loaded film, this pocket-sized disposable camera makes film photography easier than ever. With three different Lomography films (Colour Negative, Black & White and LomoChrome Purple) the choice is yours as to what you want to experiment with!

Getting the opportunity to try out the Negative and Back & White cameras is super fun. I’m yet to get the film developed, but I’m using it to my advantage and am gathering inspiration for my photos!


Both the Colour Negative and LomoChrome Purple cameras have a cool feature, as there are three different Colour Gel flash filters attached to the camera. They’re so easy to use! You simply slide the filters over the flash to tint the photos to a completely different hue!

The Lomography Simple Use Film Camera is loaded and ready to shoot. There are no worries with handling with film and fiddling with camera settings — all you need to do is click the shutter! It’s the perfect way to stretch your photography style, dive into the world of analogue photography and experiment with different films. Perfect for parties and anything student!

Website: https://www.lomography.com 

Simple Use Film Camera LomoChrome Purple:  

Simple Use Film Camera Black & White: 

Simple Use Film Camera Color Negative: 








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