Intempo as a Student

So it’s the beginning of the first semester back and us students are coming back wild as ever!

With all of the crazy house parties, pre drinks and ‘quiet nights’ that are coming up, there is definitely something we all need… We’re bringing you back to Intempo

They sell a wide range of products and play all of your favourite tunes at a high quality standard! With a variety of products, from headphones, a diverse range of speakers and much more, it’s a website and brand that us students cannot miss.

Trying to find some motivation to get your assignments finished? Simply sit in your room, block the world out and play music from this Intempo speaker. You’ll be sure to get your work finished with full concentration.

The ‘large tube speaker’ is definitely an essential we all need. After trying this product, honestly, I can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner. With those early morning starts for our lectures – blasting some music out on this speaker will definitely get you feeling alive and rearing to go and might even help your neighbours wake up too!

This speaker is also completely beneficial for when us students are ‘prinking’ for a wild night out. Playing your favourite tunes, getting ready and getting drunk with your friends is the perfect way to start the evening. With thanks to nobody but Intempo, for allowing this to happen due to their wonderful products!

As us students will most likely be struggling with finding the funds to purchase products like this, lucky for us, Amazon are actually selling the ‘large tube speaker’ for just £19.99!

Now that is a major bargain that we all crave.

If you purchase this product you will be getting a high quality speaker for a good affordable price. So take a visit to the website right now and I assure that you will be amazed with what they have to offer. You will not regret it.

Intempo at Amazon

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