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Birthdays. Christmas. Anniversaries. Some of the most dreaded words a student can hear, apart from “assignment due tomorrow” and “overdraft limit reached”. 

Students dread these times of the year simply because it means having to fork out for (often) expensive presents for parents, partners, and friends. For many, it means buying a gift and then going without a food shop for the next week. Rest assured, jewellerybox is here with a solution. 

jewellerybox is an online jewellery retailer based in South London, and are here to show everyone that real jewellery can be bought for costume jewellery prices. They have an extensive collection of over 10,000 unique pieces of sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery to choose from. And if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy packaging, then look no further. jewellerybox pieces come delicately wrapped and tied in individual boxes, meaning they’ve technically done the wrapping for you if you’re super late giving it as a gift. Perfect for students, these chic, minimalist designs are always affordable…they even have an under £5 range!



Sterling silver wishbone stacking ring

Forgotten an important anniversary? Redeem yourself with this stunning wishbone ring! This piece can be worn by itself as an eye catching statement, or paired with multiple rings for the ‘stacking’ effect that is so in trend at the minute. It’s available in ring sizes i-u, meaning no one is left out. Simple yet effective, the wishbone design is so smooth and thin that you barely realise you’re wearing it. Priced at only £5.05, you can buy it here

Infinity loop chain bracelet

The infinity loop belcher chain bracelet is a delicate piece perfect as a gift to a girlfriend or mother. Crafted from fine sterling silver, it’s a dainty piece that is sure to match any outfit. The infinity sign itself moves as it’s comprised of two interlinked silver hoops; as a symbol of love and eternity, this makes it the perfect gift idea for your closest friends or family. Although it may be slim, I love that this bracelet comes fitted with a bolt ring clasp, so there’s no fear of it accidentally slipping off as most bracelets this size would. And at £4.75, what’s not to love? Purchase it here.

Pull-through bar curve earrings

Need new earrings but want to make a bold statement? These sterling silver pull-through bar curve earrings are enough to stand out at any formal event or even a lecture! Many people believe that longer, hanging earrings are suited more to formal outings, however this set challenges that stereotype. Chunky, edgy and contemporary, they’ll look chic at either a fancy meal or for day-to-day wear. The set only weighs 1.4 grams too, meaning there’s no pulling on the ear lobe when you loop them through. No matter where you wear these, you’re sure to receive a few compliments! Only £4.95, find them here.

Silver ball pull-through earrings

Although the previous listing was also a set of pull-through earrings, this set is on a different end of the spectrum in terms of styling. As the last set were bold, chunky, and edgy, this sterling silver set of pull through earrings is small, delicate and flexible. How small? Only 2mm in width! Pull through earrings like these are very in trend at the minute, and will hang close to your collar at 8.5cm long, adding a lengthening effect to your face shape. When worn, the chain will catch the light in movement, adding that little bit of glitz to your look. You’ll be left wondering whether you really should give these as a gift or keep them for yourself…priced at £4.25, buy them here


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